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  1. Thank you so much Thats exactly what I wanted to do just couldnt think of how and it totally fixed my issue since it didnt have file formats cdi or ghd in there.
  2. So I have Hyperspin setup everything like SNES, NES, NEO GEO, MAME, Genisis working great except for the Dreamcast. I am currently running the most up to date of all the software, I use RocketLauncher and Retroarch with either reicast or reicast oit core. Launching games from retroarch itself everything works fine but when using hyperspin it completely locks up and freezes. The problem at least I think is rocketlauncher and hyperspin wont see the games unless they are zipped in 7z, zip or rar when I run the games audit. The games have to be unzipped for retroach to run them when i test them. So I guess my question is is there a way to get rocketlauncher/hyperspin to see and audit the games in there native cdi, ghd, or chd format? I have made sure the file names are current with the database and they still wont see them when I audit or run hyperspin. Please any help would be great.
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