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  1. I ended up making my own. Keep in mind I filtered it to working games only, then filtered casino, quiz, lightgun etc since it was for my shield. https://mega.nz/#!q0dTCJra Key !kjpRDzhoPeBAPG6zaQRIafU9Q2hC9UA97tPiRFR4dVY Luis
  2. Can someone assist me in setting up MAME 2010 core in android settings? exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters= mame_libretro_android.so So the parameters above are for current mame but I am using romset 0.139. so I would like to use MAME 2010. Can someone assist? Thank you for your help. Luis
  3. I eventually just created my own xml based on roms i had from my 139u1 set. Seems to play everything except roms that require CHDs even if available. I need to filter it down some more based on controls, etc When you guys say current version through git, do you mean the 0.175 that is out and the emulator is on git? Can someone elaborate please. Also a couple more questions, i was using mame4droid and switched to retroarch, Do you guys set your controls by bring up the mame menu or within retroach itself? Finally, I downloaded the retroarch core system folder posted on this forum, what exactly is the purpose of it? Thanks and sorry for the noob questions, Luis
  4. Thank you for the quick reply.
  5. I am trying to find a 139 xml on the hyperlist site before I build my own with Don's tools. What are you guys using for your XML? is there a recommended database? Someone willing to share it? Thank you Luis
  6. Just curious if this is limited to shield? Ive installed it on a mojo, but the navigation is not normal, it does work etc but is there a way to remap controls? Thanks Luis
  7. How do you find the USB ID in es file explorer so I can change the path to the roms to an external? I noticed every time I plug it in I get or example, USB2004, USB2005 etc If I browse to local\storage it is blank. But I can see it as USB200X etc. Thank you Luis
  8. With all the options for mame on android, which romset paired with which emulator do you guys recommend? Thank you. Luis
  9. I am using a wireless xbox 360 controller with Xpadder. I initially set it up using a wired. No changes required to the controller settings, only the driver (to a wireless receiver) was required to make the switch. My second controller is going to be a PS3 wireless controller. Subscribing to this thread!
  10. Just wanted to thank you one more time. I ended up using a ctrlr file I found on this forum which support the tankstick out of the box and 4 xbox 360 controllers. Just works for mame. Then for all other emulators, I am creating xbox 360 xpadder profiles for each system and mapping the buttons to the default emulator keys. Makes life sooo much easier. I jut came to the conclusion the console games work better with a controller. So its all working. Here is a link to the ctrlr file:http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,100079.0.html fetaures: The X-Arcade controls P1 and P2. - The XBOX 360 pads also control P1-P4. Both analog and digital pads are mapped to control movement, as well as analog triggers for some games. - Specified controls for Neo Geo games, which use the MVS style button layout on the X-Arcade. XBOX360 pads are configured to use the same control layout as the Neo Geo CD gamepads. - Corrected configs for Mortal Kombat 1-4. - Modified Street Fighter 1, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, and Killer Instinct series controls for the XBOX 360 pads. The configs match the default gamepad layout for Street FIghter IV PC and XBOX 360. - Support for analog devices, such as paddles, dials, flight yokes, steering wheels, and light-guns. These devices are configured for the X-Arcade joysticks, XBOX 360 controller left thumbstick and digital pad, mice/trackballs, and light-guns (when applicable). Enable mouse and light-gun support within mame.ini should these devices be used. - Support for dual joystick games using the XBOX 360 left and right analog sticks for games such as Smash TV, Robotron, etc... - Disabled the X-Arcade shortcuts KEYCODE_2+KEYCODE_4 to exit the game, as well as KEYCODE_1+KEYCODE_3 to bring up Options. I did this to prevent accidental exits, etc... during gameplay. - Player 1 on either X-Arcade or XBOX 360 pad are able to navigate through MAME's ingame menus. Thanks again!! Luis
  11. This worked great!!!!!! Just stepped through it!! Your the man!!! Going to set everything back to default and give this a shot. Will report back. Thanks Luis
  12. Thank you for the great write-up and for taking the time out to do this. Not many people would have gone to this length. Thanks again Luis
  13. If you have time, do you mind outlining the steps on how to remap it in HyperLaunch's Keymapper instead if you don't mind? This would be highly appreciated. Thank you!!!! Luis
  14. Did not know that. Good to know. Might have to reconsider! Thanks
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