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    Hyperpin refresher

    I built my cabinet many years ago when Hyperpin first came out. I only have Virtual Pinball 9 tables on there and things are still working fine. My MAME cabinet has a dead iPAC unit so in replacing that I decided to update my HyperSpin on there and found that RocketLauncher now exists. I've got that pretty much done and decided I should look at updating my Hyperpin cabinet as well and look at Pinball FX3 via Steam. So I've been looking thru the forums, but can't really find what I'm looking for. Is hyperpin still a valid front end? Is there a new version of Hyperpin that uses RocketLauncher too? Does not seem to be much about it on hyperspin-fe any more. I've found a couple posts on getting Pinball FX2 working with Hyperpin and I assume Pinball FX3 will be similar. I'll be trying to get it configured over the weekend. But is there any way to have just 1 wheel in hyperpin that will launch the table correctly? I don't want to have to cycle thru 2 or 3 emulators then select a table. I might not remember which emulator has which tables and my guests certainly will not. If I had 1,000 tables it would be different, but I'll only have about 50 max. TIA for any info