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  1. no one has an idea of the problem? please
  2. Yes, it is installed in my Hyperspin folder (or in a Hyperspin subfolder). But I still have the same error message?.
  3. Thank you very much, but I have this message when I click on "Filter Hyperlist.exe" (see image) Even if I put it in my Hyperspin folder it does not work ?
  4. Because they are fba roms that I sorted by system (cp1, cps2, cps3, cave, etc ...). I made custom folders. And I need to create an xml for each folder.
  5. Hello everyone Sorry for my english because I use a translator. Here is my problem, I'm using "Dons_Hyperspin_Tools_4.3.26" (Create New HyperList.exe), But here's what I get, an example on an arcade game : <game name="avsp" index="" image=""> <description>avsp</description> <--- I do not have the name of the game <cloneof /> <manufacturer /> <crc>5BF6F0CA</crc> <genre /> <year /> <rating /> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> Is there any other software for this? I tried to use this page : http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/?module=generatelist but when I click on "Create ROM List" I have this message : "Please login before attempting this" yet I am well connected... How to create my xml with game names? Thank you for your help
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