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  1. Hi Rowr, Replied ages ago but my reply never showed up and I only just realised! Sorry about that! Thanks for confirming about the non arcade buttons on the fight stick being able to be converted to arcade buttons on my bench. If possible I will definitely do that. The issue I have found after you emphasised that the stick should be pc compatible is that the stick seems to have difficulty working with a pc. There apparently is a driver for street fighter 5 compatibility with pc only. It doesn't work with other games. Apparently to get it to work with pc you need joytokey or something similar. In light of this I started looking into the brook PS4/pc converters. The newest one is pretty expensive almost like £90 or $130 ..and I would need two of these so really costly. However , this is an older version of this board called the... And is still sold by Paradise arcade for $40. Which is closer to the cost of cannibalising the innards of a PS4 stick. Don't suppose you're familiar with this board? Thanks for confirming about the value of extra buttons for making extra functions in hyperspin. I shall certainly look into that nearer the time. And it's good to know I can filter out games by controller scheme, as I do intend to try and keep my games selections neat and compatible with my bench. The Slagcoin pages seem really treasure troves of knowledge, Thanks for directing me there.. Thanks again for your help. Really value your time and expertise.
  2. Thanks for the examples of non working games for an arcade stick. I don't think I could handle accounting for lots of different arcade control setups on one bench, partly cos of the hassle and also I don't think I would play those games much. Also, I like the minimalist look of standard stick and buttons! Thanks for the pic too. I actually really like that button layout because of the way the buttons match finger length and natura hand angle when playing. You take about stick positioning.. are there many variants of stick layout with this button layout then? Or maybe I misunderstood. Thanks for you time and help! Really appreciate it.
  3. Hi Rowr, Thanks for confirming about the console buttons being sufficient. I have another couple of questions if you aren't bored already lol.. So if I choose the arcade stick mentioned to cannibalise the innards of...( I have attached a picture of the stick) ....I wanted to ask if the non arcade buttons on the controller or rather the wiring for said buttons (if you look at the pick, you can see that the L and R buttons are not arcade action buttons, but just normal buttons, this is the same for the start and options buttons... My question is can I wire these buttons to proper arcade action/plunger buttons on my bench? And also, what about the PS button..can I wire this to an arcade button? If this is so, then I count I would have wiring for...11 buttons or 22 for two cannibalised fight controllers (Face x4, L1, L2, R1, R2, Star, Options, PS button). So... On the arcade bench I would have.. 8 action buttons X 2 = 16 P1 Start P2 Start P1 Coin Insert P2 Coin Insert Total 20... Would it be wise to use the remaining two buttons for any specific functions in MAME, such as config menu or keyboard buttons like escape? Thanks for all your help, you are really helping me to steamroll thru all this uncertainties!
  4. Thanks for the tips. Great idea with the wireless keyboard and mouse. Saves having to plug in! So do you think the arcade stick will be no good really for most console games? I think I will mainly be playing arcade games and any console games that would be appropriate for an arcade stick like fighting games... But if I do play any other types of console games, I'll probably just plug in a console controller. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Thanks for advice and agreeing on the other suggestions. Thanks for commenting on button numbers too. Got a couple of questions about that tho.... When I get the PS4 arcade stick... Presumably this will have all the same number of buttons as a typical PS4 controller..? If so my question is, seeing as I want to play Name, and other consoles up to the Wii U, would the PS4 standard complement be enough? I guess I can easily check the consoles but I have no idea whether the PS4 number of buttons would be sufficient for MAME specifically as that is most important really to me... Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.
  6. Thanks for this example. I actually looked at this the other day. I would throw the stick and buttons and just keep the 'brains' as assassin recommended above. Thanks for the link!
  7. Thanks for the great idea. So would I buy two of these to make player one and two? And just out of curiosity, the 'brains' of these PS4 stick would replace which parts of a pc only arcade bench....? Would it just be the usb controller? Just wanted an idea so I know how much more the multiplatform compatibility would be costing... And lastly, is it very difficult to set it up to work with hyperspin? I mean I don't mind a setup but would it be plug and play after that on pc/ hyperspin? Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Hi, I am hoping to build a 2 player arcade bench to go with my hyperspin PC. However, I have some questions about a few things which I've struggled to find an answer to on Google. So, I would firstly like to know if i could make the 2 player fight controller compatible with both my PC and PS4? I've googled this, and I get the impression that the PS4 would not be able to take advantage of a two player controller with a single USB connection. Is this correct? If So, I was thinking, would it work if I had two separate USB connections for the player one and player two, but obviously have both wires coming out of the same arcade bench (I'm doing an Ikea lack TV bench hack)? And so the ps4 could use one or two of the controllers? But then, if I also wanted to use it with hyperspin, how would I deal with like the credit button for instance, (and I imagine there might be other problematic buttons but just thought of the credit button as an example), how would this be wired? Would I have separate ones for each player? Lastly, I imagine hyperspin, primarily for mame, but would like to account for most game systems upto Wii u, how many buttons would I need? And more Importantly, if it is possible to get this 2 player setup working on the ps4, would it matter if I had more buttons than were necessarily for the ps4 so there would be redundant ones? Oh and lastly, could I install wireless connections instead of wired USB for my 2 player setup. Thanks for your help guys,
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