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  1. Very nice cab. I like the minimalist design of the carbon fiber control panel. Is that a 32" TV? I have plans to build one very similar to this using a 32". What buttons and joysticks did you go with? You looked at using the howler controller at all? Lastly, does your phone have an IR blaster built it? My only criticism would be to turn your potato sideways when taking video..
  2. Thanks for the info, I had never noticed. I will get on that soon as I get back into the states. Work has me in Ireland for the next 2 weeks.. The marquee is plenty bright but right now it is printed on thick card stock. Once I get it printed on some proper paper it will light a bit better.
  3. Thanks guys, sorry I havent been too active on the forum, life is busy at the moment. To close the panel I put one of these on each side. Not that exact one, but you can pick them up at Home Depot in the hinge isle for $1 each, works very well.
  4. I second the wee-cade design. I recently used the looks of the wee cade but tailored it to a 17" bartop. I dont have the plans as I did it on the fly but it isnt too hard to draw one side on one piece of material, cut it, then use that piece as the template for your other side. The rest is all dependent on how wide you want the control panel and how your parts will fit in the cab.. hope this helps. Paradise arcade is one of the top shops to buy from, from what I have read on here and some other forums. Personally I have never orded from there, but you being in Hawaii it is probably your best spot to purchase.
  5. Based the design off the WeeCade but hand drew it onto the mdf(3/4). Was going to go with a strictly classics single player cab with six buttons for things like MK2 and SF2, but I got my hands on a free computer with a PhenomX4(only 1.8Ghz) and 4Gb of ram, so I decided to do more with it. Running Hyperspin with hand selected MAME games (around 110 so far), SNES, NES, Genesis, N64 and Computer games. I threw this one together for ~$200 between buying Tmolding, paint, primer, sandpaper, acrylic, misc cords, fans, speakers, amp, etc. I had the buttons, computer was given to me with the 640gb hdd. and I got the monitor(17") at goodwill for $25, also had a few misc items lying around. Audio amp from Amazon, small form factor 300W PSU. Soldered in a power strip to the C-14 outlet. Also the back of the custom button inlay Custom plexy speaker shrouds. Still not sure if I want to seal them or let the light shine through. I kinda like them how they are Mixed blue and white buttons and a Sanwa Joystick. Had an old leaf switch joystick in there, but it sucked. Wires and oldschool ipac that I had bought from a cousin last year USB and audio out for headphones. Fan exhaust and custom power button. Standard arcade button was too long and wouldn't allow the door to close so I cut it and put a smaller button inside and hot glued the crap out of it. Works great and is recessed enough that you cant accidentally bump it. Did the same with the USB port. The paint finish turned out AMAZING. Used high gloss rattlecan; primed x3 with wet sanding in between, then 5x coats of gloss white with wet sanding in between. you can see your reflection in it.
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