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  1. Good day ladies and gentlemen. I have a question for you all. Where would you recommend to purchase controls. I've researched companies but I seem to only find the two from the UK. What I'm looking for is a set of joysticks with buttons for a 2 player set up. Roller ball / trackball as well as 2 guns. I was hoping to purchase as a complete set but I guess its not required ( as long as they are all compatible ). This will be my first arcade build so please bare with this newbie. It will be a pc based system utilizing the usb. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thank and have a great day!
  2. OMG please point me in the right direction. LoL. I'm new to the whole emulator scene. I was willing to learn but I'm about to go postal. I hope its not that I'm too old to learn something new. Here is the story. Looking to build an arcade cabinet for my son. I thought the hard part was done ( building the custom cabinet ) but boy was I wrong. I didn't want to purchase the " loaded drive " . I wanted to learn and build it myself. I have watched video after video but I've grown tired. I tried installing it on my laptop as a trial run but that was a no go. Is there a book or a website I can go to to learn. I have the roms but now I have to obtain the videos to run on the front half. where does the manuals come in. Was going to subscribe but it doesn't seem like they offer enough movies to support all the roms floating around. SO what does someone like me to do? Any ideas.
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