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  1. hi guys! well since i change to W10 and updated HS with RL i had a couple of troubles to get everything to work again, just a few systems nothing serious, but now i'm having a lot of troubles with SSF emulator. i found out that i didn't need a SCSI virtual drive to play the games, i can use a DT virtual drive as well but i had the idea that i only can use SCSI with HyperSpin, anyway now when i push enter to play a Saturn game it doesn't do anything, i can see the RL logo on the task bar and then it close itself, the emulator works fine by itself and launching it through RocketLaucherUI it does mount the games and launches the emulator but this doesn't happen through HyperSpin, please someone who can help me to end this HyperSpin set up endless nightmare so i can finally play!!
  2. thanks for answer! well the Attract Mode thing worked of course, but in Daemon Tools there is no "add drive" and acording to a topic on DT forum the Lite version of 10.2 does not have that feature, only in Pro. is there anyway to use the Pro version with Rocketlauncher?, thanks.
  3. Hi guys! i need help, so i have Daemon Tools Lite 10.2 licensed of course, as in download section says that i have to set the path to DTAgent.exe that's what i did and nothing happens when i try to run SSF, is the only emulator that i have that needs to use DT, running it alone without Hyperspin works fine but of course i have to mount the image in a SCSI drive, the thing with this Daemon Tools is that is not like the older ones where you can create a virtual device, in this DT only creates one when you mount an image and when you close it the drive dissapears, i have windows 10 so there is no way i can use olders DT because the SPTD install file that uses those DT is not compatible with this new windows, anybody who can helpe me please, and one more thing if i left a wheel a few seconds alone then it starts to "roll" until y push a button, there's anyway to disable this?, thanks again guys!
  4. Yes i did and still shows the same message, i have Demul 0.7 but i've been trying differents modules to see if works but no luck. also i have rocketlauncher updated but again no luck. so i don't know what to do, the emulator by itself works perfect but i find a way to launch Demul running the roms thanks to a couple of commandlines writen on a txt file and saving it as .bat so i set it on HyperHQ as the exe file instead of demul.exe in the wheel settings tab and setting the execution as normal instead of hyperlaunch/rocketlauncher, it's working yes not how i would like to but i can play and i think that it's all that matters in the end.
  5. Hi guys! i'm having a problem when i try to launch Demul, using RocketLauncher, to play Naomi games, if i set the demul 0.5.8 ahk when i launch a game a message shows saying that "gpu plugin is not supported" i can't figure how to fix this, and if set demul 0.7 ahk this error shows up, plaease somebody who can tell me how to fix this so i can finish with this headache.
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