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  1. I signed up just to say thanks. Googled yesterday, all fixed today thanks to Tomitan. My AC meter is broken so I skipped the testing transformer part and went straight to bypass. Also don't have a spade plug so I just tinned the other end a bit more so it's snug in the middle of the female when plugged in, then heatshrinked. Works perfect. So this means my transformer is ok, and fuse also tested ok with DC voltmeter. The only thing that blew is R13. My board is a new revision with resistors that looks like the tiny ones on video cards. The white wire is also red. When I was soldering the bypass it was quite hard to hold everything so I taped the wire to the board first resting the copper between the soldering point and the screw underneath. This is fantastic guys. Hope this helps many to come. The T3 is my fav speakers for the size and price I am sure yall agree ;)
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