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  1. Thanks, It's just a pc usb gamepad with playstation looks;) I had some spare parts of a old xbox controller and attach it with the top of the xboxcontroller case where the buttons in place, with fiber glue onto the plexi lockdown bar. The same with the stick, cut the controller to fit in place and glue the whole thing. Simple yes, but a lot of work Good luck
  2. Hi there, I finally got it finished. Here are 2 youtube links to show how the KISS Pinball/ Arcade bartop is working. Greetings Showcase Playing
  3. Really, Really struggle with some emulators. When I test it in window mode, it runs fine on my backglass monitor, but on full screen it jumps over to the playfield monitor :vollkommenauf: Genesis, Daphne.. lost a lot of hours to run these M...........sssss Maybe some batch scripting things? I even run UltraMon, but did not run with Hyperspin. So, slow progress here. Did counting the bills from this build with the brand new pc it's a big one, but hey, you have to gamble sometimes Hope that someone can help me on the right direction her...... Greetings
  4. Hi there, I made a quick video of what the concept will be. Lots of reactions ( on other fora ) did not understand that I can play arcade games also on this one. I need to install more emulators and pinball tables and really a lot of tweaking before I can laydown the keyboard and fire it up with one button press..... Enjoy
  5. Hell Yeah, With some KISS Alive II on the background, I put the final stickers on my pinball machine. It's a beauty if I may say so. The black paint is exactly the same as the glossy sticker, and before I put it on, I did go with a black marker around the side of the cutting line, so I don't got a little tiny white line. I'm not satisfied about the stickers on the inside of the coin door. Maybe I print a whole new sticker for that, but then I have a lot more work on that f......g coin door. Here some quick pictures for those who still like to see some KISS Back to designing the last couple of mala layouts... Greetings
  6. Yessss, Finally after some big struggle with HyperPin, I moved over to PinballX and it worked FANTASTIC Here a quick result. List to do: Add more tables, design the KISS artwork for printing, add Mame and other emulators Enjoy Ps: Add a concept art for my kiss theme I worked on right now. I drop the South Park theme ..
  7. Thanks, from the outside it's almost done, just design the prints and tomorrow my new pc will arrive, so i can get the inside " sound, buttons, pc, monitor" together.
  8. It was a long day with working on the pinball bartop and installing a pc for my wife and install the laptop for the son.... Power-cord is soldered and speakers are placed. T-molding hammered on and buttons where they belong...... Lockdown bar and bezel strips have to be redone... I paint them satin black, to give it a little different look that I like. Maybe I change the plexi for glass.... Sleep well
  9. At last..... the paintjob is ready .... Rest for a day to give it a good dry and then the fun part starts. Greetings to all !!
  10. Full Throttle ahead !!!!! Primer is done and first time wood filler 'not shown on pictures' is ready to dry. Tomorrow sandpaper time and first time color painting. See you
  11. I attach some parts of the gamepad to the lockdown bar to hold the stick and buttons in the original position. Now I get loose with filler, sandpaper and paint !! Greetings
  12. Coindoor is ready and after a lot of testing, the plexi bending for the lockdown bar is finally done. Tomorrow drill the holes in it for the buttons and stick and then the building part is finished Till then...... Rock on !!
  13. Had to redo my coindoor because the sound controller board did not fit. I had to move the coin button a little to the left That door cost me a lot of hours before it's ready
  14. Thanks to the fine mini pinball and tips of his Galaga build from Melon at BYOAC, I did jump into making my own pinball. Things to do is to finish the coindoor and lockdown bar. After that it's sandpaper and painting time...... First I wanted to build my own plunger like Melon, but when I order my button stuff, the shop had a all ready plunger in stock for 12 Euro's. I couldn't resist that one..... sad thing of this option is that I have to drop Mr. Hankie to be the plunger knob. See you later.
  15. Soldering the soundsystem and did some final Plexi and aluminium cutting. Tomorrow the plunger and buttons are there, so I can made the coindoor and all the final drills befor painting...... Til then, sleep well.
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