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  1. Hi everyone, been using Hyperspin for quite some time and it's time for a technical upgrade of the ole Mame arcade. I currently have a PC in an old 28' Mortal Kombat 2 cabinet. I gutted it and put in a 28 inch TV as the monitor. I use the s-video input from the PC and it works perfectly. The problem: I'm upgrading the PC to a min Dell i5 3040 which my options are DVI or HDMI. I'm trying to find a good converter cause i don't want to replace the monitor. Question: Does anyone have any recommendations or solutions to go from a DVI /HDMI connector to an s-video? Any recommendations on a good converter that has been tested and experienced? I tried that regular yellow video composite converter and that purely sucked. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. -Dedoska
  2. Hi everyone, it's been awhile for me... Hope everyone is doing great... Can someone assist in finding MameUI64 .208 NoNag? I've looked in the downloads sections and on the webz, but no luck. thanks in Advance...
  3. Hi Newbi I took your xml file and made my changes plus i enabled the parent setting on hyper HQ. All is well now. Thank you. Thanks everyone for the help. -DE
  4. Thank you for your reply... I'll test to ensure that the roms in question run in mameui64 which I'm using as a mame emulator. Does latest hyperspin install have the .176 database in it already? If not, then I'm assuming i could get it in the downloads area.
  5. Just a quick update: I decided to obtain the latest .176 rom mame set to avoid any outdated issues. The Problem: Hyperspin still shows multiple games that are not in the .176 ROM set. Example: Street figher Alpha: It will work for the first version but a different version of the same game doesn't work. Says I'm missing the ROM. Any ideas? Thanks in advanced.
  6. thank you. I'm creating a new 146 xml file by the following command: mame.exe -listxml > mame.xml Just in case someone else needs it. thanks!
  7. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. I will review my xml file. In essence, I could take the xml file that came with my rom set and replace the current xml file? Also, please remind me how to create a new xml file with "favorites"? Thank so much.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm glad to see that this forum is still as active as it was back in 2009 when i joined. =) welp, it happened.... My pc crashed and I really didn't have time to fix it but i got the nostalgia bug again so I'm full steam. ============== I'm trying to remember how I installed everything again and I want to use my old mame set (146). I configured mame on the wheel and pointed everything correctly (roms, emulater, etc) and it works. problems: 1. I don't remember how reduce the number of duplicate games on the wheel. 2. Is the current hyperspin looking for the current MAME set? sometimes when I select a game, it throws an error that i dont have the ROM. Let me know if I need to add further information. If someone could assist, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance! -Dedos
  9. I would like to assist in your testing of the Media Center. It would be a GREAT addition to what is already a great FE.


    (One more thing: You think you will be adding a Karaoke plugin to your media center? or atleast have the ability to add the directx karaoke plugin with a seperate wheel?)

  10. yo mate, check your mail!

  11. great, thanks Brian, It's funny, i think you helped me in GE as well. Ok, so if the instant sheller works for me pointing directly at hyperspin, should I still point it to the shell.exe? btw, I can't find the download for it on this tread. Can you point me to the link? Might as well point me to the shutdown.exe =).. Please don't hurt the noob! Thanks for your help
  12. thanks! I just tested it myself. You will need to install .net 2.0 to get it to work. Now If I can only make it shut down my PC..... Still learning! =) Dedos
  13. hello everyone, I currently run GameEx and moving to Hyperspin. Doesn't Instant Sheller do all this already? I use it for GameEx and it works great. I'm assuming instead of GameEx I'll just point it to HyperSpin. Can anyone confirm? thanks.
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