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  1. many thanks Dejarik, not sure where to find the below settings (Skip Checks - roms and emu) Regards Wayne
  2. cool I suppose this is the price you pay for buying a complete CAB you really don't know how to troubleshoot effectively until you can understand how its supposed to work, thanks very much for your assistance, much appreciated. perhaps at some point I will recreate the collection wheels and get them working correctly. I got my cab from the below guys its totally awesome www.ultracustomcabs.com.au Thanks Wayne
  3. I have attached some screens, I think its the way they have been set up, all the collection wheels don't have an emulator they are just attached to a collection wheel with Rom paths and they run because they are setup else where in another wheel, perhaps the PC game wont work this way. You see in the screen shot the crash collection wheel has no default emulator and in the database file for this wheel there are crash games from a couple of systems so I can only assume they just work because Hyper spin finds there rom path but how does it know what emulator to use ?. Everything runs great in Rocket Launcher and all the crash games run from the collection wheel except Crash Trilogy PC, it just says cant find in any rom paths, its like that wheel cant see the alternate emulator setup for Crash PC Crash Collection Wheel.docx
  4. ok I see, the thing with my Crash Bandicoot collection wheel is that there is no default emulator set for all the other roms so all the games are set up else where on other wheels and they just run from that wheel but the PC version of trilogy which I added to that wheel whilst it will run in rocket launcher perfectly I keep getting a rom path error in hyper spin when I try to run from the crash collection wheel even though it doesn't use a rom path because the exe location is configured in the alternate emulator and module settings. It must be the strange way it was set up. I did a test by going into a mame wheel and adding crash Trilogy PC into the alternate emulator for that wheel and it worked it just seems to not work on the collection wheels that have no default emulator, I don't understand it enough yet to know why but does my head in as I cant fix it lol Thanks Wayne
  5. done all that same error, I have no idea Add crash Bandicoot Collection to Pclauncher module systems, do you mean edit the module and add it into the list of currently supported systems IE Msystem entry in the PCLauncher.ahk, I must be missing something really dumb, I just cant get it working from a collection wheel that currently does not have an emulator set
  6. ok just for a test I got this working in the AAE system by setting an alternate emulator and pointing to this PC game via alternate emulator tab and it ran fine from within Hyperspin, but it does not seem to work in a collection wheel. The only difference between the wheels is the fact that there are no emulators set on the collection wheel as its just running ROMS from other systems via the ROM paths, I suppose there is some kind of limitation with running a PC game from a collection wheel that has no emulator set locally on that wheel and is just running pre configured roms from other wheels via the established rom paths, hence the reason im getting a rom path error as its trying to find that PC game via the rom paths, I have no clue but at least I proved to my self it does work
  7. That path your seeing is just hyperspin displaying the rom paths, i have already set the pc application path in pc games, modules,global settings, ill keep playing around with it
  8. Hi All I have a complete image of my systems so I installed Windows 1809 and it had no impact on Hyper spin to my suprise, HyperHQ or rocket launcher and works the same as Windows 1703, I did buy the CAB from a reputable company in Brisbane and they had installed it all onto its own drive so the dependency on the OS is very minimal, they also suggested that this would break the software but it did not thus far and I have seen no difference. currently running Hyperspin Version, Rocket Launcher Regards Wayne
  9. Hello I have successfully installed Crash Bandicoot trilogy PC game into a PC Games wheel in Hyperspin via rocket launcher and its working great, but I am also trying to get the same game to run from my Crash Bandicoot Collection wheel also. In Hyperspin I see it in the Crash collection wheel with all the art work and videos etc but when I run it I keep getting a cant find any rom path. Its driving me nuts as I have followed exactly what I did when I configured it as the only game in my PC games wheel as the initial test which runs perfectly. It runs in rocket launcher when I configure it in the emulator specific settings and hit launch as it did in my test setup. When I go into Hyperspin and go to the Crash Bandicoot collection wheel and hit run on that game I get the attached error, tried everything such as emulator specific settings putting the rom path into the crash wheel in rocket launcher so it knows where to look although I already have the application exe in the emulator specific settings so I wouldn't of thought it needed the rom path in the crash collection item in rocket launcher for the PC game, any help greatly appreciated it must be something simple but just cant see it Regards Wayne Crash Bandicoot error.rtf
  10. Hi All I am trying to use the Hypert00ls utility but when I point to my hyperspin.exe in d:\arcade at the hypertool setup I get the attached error and nothing is populated in systems, any body have any ideas, thanks very much unhandled exception, something about a key already being added and some references to .net Wayne Hypertool error.docx
  11. Hi I have just brought a Arcade cabinet that runs hyperspin that has 40000 thousand games, I would like to add game cube and Ps2. It has a new asus prime motherboard with 16 GIGs ram and a Asus GT 1030 video card, will that be enough to run game cube and Ps2 and possibly a few PC emulations smoothly Regards Wayne
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