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  1. There is comfort knowing I'm not the only one. Admin setting didn't do anything unfortunately. Let me know if any other fixes arise.
  2. I have updated to the newest version (July 16). I have not run as admin, where do I make that setting change? I know it's simple but I'm drawing a blank.
  3. All Hyperspin files are on a connected G: drive. I get smooth performance when I manually load roms AND when I load from RL GUI (bypassing HS). I assume this means the compression or anything else would be nullified. None of my roms are compressed either. I'm curious if I should reinstall HS, however re-doing all my setup seems a bit daunting at this point since I just upgraded last week.
  4. Yes, all up to date. I tried running HS visual settings at Medium but didn't do much. Since HS is technically hibernating while RL is running, I can't seem to understand why it would affect performance unless it's locking up RAM/resources. I'm not techie enough to know, I just pretend to know what I'm doing. Starfox was chugging so I rebooted, launched HS and it ran smooth. Then I loaded Rogue Squadron and it chugged. I closed HS, loaded Dolphin-->Rogue Squadron and it ran smooth. Went back to HS and Starfox and it chugged again.
  5. So I tested some other games and the issue is still there. Rogue Squadron III runs perfectly through Dolphin outside of HS but very sluggish when launched from the HS menu using RL. It runs ok with just RL too, so it appears to be HS. Is there other settings I should try?
  6. I don't have a lot of time to test today but I can tell you that all my parameters were set to false so I set most of them to true, including the suspending of HS and now it works on the first game I tested. I THINK this did the trick. Thank you very much Avar!
  7. Slightly on PS2 emulation, haven't thoroughly tested the others so I'm not sure. MAME seems to be fine. Is this a known issue with Dolphin? I'm noticing that not all games are affected. Mario Sunshine is bad as are the Rogue Squadron games.
  8. Slightly on PS2 emulation, haven't thoroughly tested the others so I'm not sure. MAME seems to be fine. Is this a known issue with Dolphin?
  9. Hi everyone. Long time user of HS but first time poster. I just upgraded to a better PC in my cabinet and I'm running into issues with HS slowing my game speeds when launching emulators inside HS rather than playing the games directly from the emulators. I can play Dolphin games at full speed using just the Dolphin app or through RocketLauncher, but when I launch them inside my HS menu, they run much slower, some unplayable. I am using RL inside HS. Is there a setting to fix this? I am running an i7 (3.5), 16 gb of RAM and a NVidia 750Ti
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