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  1. It has been reported to me by more people, some 15 or 20 known people, and in other computers that I have tried with the same build the same thing happens.
  2. I also tried disabling the antivirus and got the same result. Do not worry. I do not know much English either, but that's what the Google translator is for: D I'll wait to see if they get a new update. Greetings and thanks for responding.
  3. I have tried with and without Administrator rights and the result is the same. He probado con y sin derechos de Administrador y el resultado es el mismo. There are more people who tell me the same problem in Build 1903.
  4. Buenas. Llevo días observando qeu el Update 1.5.1 funciona perfectamente en Windows 10 Build 1803, pero sin embargo tiene diversos fallos en la build 1903. Hyperspin inicia, los menús se visualizan, pero los juegos no inician. Existe alguna solución para poseedores de Windows 10 Build 1903?
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