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  1. cotyce


  2. Just got lost in side ftp look at stuff, for stuff. I went to my favorite ftp to grab all the goodies i loved from the past but to my surprise there is a lot of stuff missing. Where has all the bezels and fades gone to. I read in a previous that the would be on the rocket launch website because of the restructure but after combing through the site I have found nothing. So can some one please tell me where to get them again. Specifically the ones that are apart of the full unified mega theme and some unofficial ones like ps2, wii,etc.
  3. I figured that after reading your post but is there not a real way to correct this it seems like something that would had been done with the launch of rocketlauncher and hyperspin beta
  4. ok so this is the same problem i think i am having but i dont see hyperspin settings.ini i am using rocketlauncher and hyperspin beta 1.4
  5. lets get it down

  6. any word on this topic cause I really like to know. I have not received anything from admin or a confirmation. its like take my money and run kinda feelings right now. =(
  7. Im in the same boat! I really want to get this ball rolling but i am stuck at the moment
  8. site looks great! I love the dedication you guys have to scene.
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