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  1. I've built my arcade cabinet (picture below) and now have 'permission' from my wife to build a pinball machine for my bar at home It wont be a full size one for space reasons but I'm thinking a dual monitor with a 32" playing and 19" for the backbox. I'll likely only get into it after spring when I've cleared all the snow (I live in Canada) and the outdoor jobs are done but I'd like to start to get some of the components together now (pinball legs etc). I was looking at getting a nudge board and plunger first but was struggling on the nanotechgaming.com site for their kit. is there a Canadian distributor site for a lot of the components that anybody is aware of. I know I can get buttons from retroactivearcade.com but was thinking the more specific pinball bits. I'll keep reading through all the posts and likely have more questions in the coming weeks/months as I move forward but any pointers now would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've got HS setup using Rocketlauncher on an external 8Tb drive (d:/) and all seems to be working like it should and I want, BUT (always a but... ) I want to add a few more emulators/ROMs to the system but the original HD wont be large enough to complete what I want to add. Can i put these additions on a separate drive (e:/) and nothing will be noticeable within HS or does everything have to be on one drive?
  3. That's great - thanks. I can finish off those this evening. So which systems will require one (or both?) of KeytoJoy or xPadder?
  4. I'm just finishing off setting up my system but I'm struggling with the controllers on different emulators. I've googled this to death and it's only aided in confusing me more as some say I should be using Joy2Key, others xpadder and then some saying I wont need any ! I have a Ultimarc iPac Ultimate connected to a 2 player setup with 6 buttons for each player, joystick, coin, player and 'flipper' buttons for each player. I also ave one Aimtrak lightgun. I've setup the iPac with the 'standard' Mame buttons for each player (L-CTRL for one button, L-ALT etc). I can move up and down on the wheel but none of the buttons seem to work like they should when in different games/emulators. I only have MAME, NES, AAE, American video and ScummVM at the moment. Any help would be great as this is (I think and hope!) the last issue to resolve before the setup is fairly complete apart from adding more games/emulators.
  5. I've set all my pac keys to Mame standard keycaps but I hadn't gone into HyperHQ - Thanks. I went into HyperHQ and just set button one to Lft Ctrl and I can actually now get onto the Mame wheel but not the other 2 so must be another screw up I've made on those two. Enjoying this but it's so frustrating
  6. HELP ! :) I've been setting up Hypserspin for the first time and thought I'd start small and have NES, ScummVM & Mame setup and working in RocketLauncherUI. They start good and everything works fine within RL. However - as soon as I go into Hyperspin I can move up and down the wheel but I can't select any emaulator. Now I don't know if this is the buttons aren't working or I can't 'enter' a emulator as it isn't 'seeing' the roms. I've tried everything I can think of and done the usual google and searches but this has stumped me ! FYI - I'm running an Ultimarc Ultimate, 6 player buttons (2 player) Any help, pointers or guidance from anyone would be great as this has really stumped me !! Cheers
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