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  2. I am also trying to access hyperlist and the ftp without success. what's up?
  3. you should be just fine with the drive you have if you just want specific games. in fact your drive may be overkill for what your lookinng for. keep in mind, the artwork to make hyperspin shine can be larger than the games. you may find out that its easier to get what you want by just grabing entire systems vs individual games so keep that in mind. you will find your quest adicting and I think we where all of your mindset at one point. i would say. I have 4 tb and over 60 systems more or less completed with just a little bit left over.
  4. Ok I added spinners, How does the placement look?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions about the spinners. I had initially thought about using them as well but I felt it would start to make the controls look cluttered. after thinking about it again its probably worth the extra clutter to have them for games that really need to have analog controls that way i'm not only reliant on the PS4 controllers for analog input. Maybe some peddles would be good as well that can be unplugged and put away when not in use. Thanks for the reminder to keep it small enough to fit through my door. I could see myself getting this thing all done and having to remove the door frame to get it into the house LOL
  6. Thinking of hiding a mini fridge in the bottom of the cab If I have room. also Its going to work with the 2 ps4 controllers via bluetooth. touch pad works well for Nintendo DS BTW.
  7. Im getting close to done with the software end of things and so I have drawn up this concept in sketch up. this is what Im going to attempt to build. any constructive criticism would be great.
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