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  1. Its a awesome product. I like the mame controls but i dont have time to create control files for all my other programs so i have it showing marquees for them and for mame i have png's of actual control panels and thats what shows when i cycle through my mame list.
  2. Its a program called orbitals hyperspin helper. You can show controls or marquees on a 2nd screen
  3. Found mine on ebay. Did not have power cord they are really hard to find and the power cord i did find cost more than what i paid for the betabrite. I used an adapter i had laying around the house. The bb prism takes a 3 prong adapter. 2 grounds one positive. As long as you can get a plug that fits on the positive pin and is the right voltage and the outside is touching one of the negative pins it will work. Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Tapatalk
  4. New cabinet pics. I switched out the 7 inch monitor for a aoc 15.6 monitor as the 7 inch was to hard to see clearly. It actually measures about 8 1/4 inches high by 14 inches wide once decased. I want to configure it to show controls for mame only and marquees for the other emulators. I actually found a piece of wood the same thickness of the decased screen and cut out the dimensions and it sits flush with the wood.
  5. Details below. I found mine on amazon. I did remove the lcd from the casing. It auto powers on with your pc so it works out good. Brand Name: Lilliput Model: UM-70 Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks guys. I know everyone is going with lcd screens for their marquees but i like using the betabrite prism for mine. I already had one lying around so i figured i would put it to use. Plus my kids like it too and I basically built it for them to play. Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks. I Actually found it on amazon.com. It was used but works fine. I actually found this one for $25. But they have them on ebay as well and you can find them cheap. Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Tapatalk
  8. Updated cabinet pics with 7 inch usb lcd. I will be switching that out for possibly a 10 inch usb lcd because the font is too small to read. I have a 15 inch aoc usb monitor but it doesnt look right. On the first picture i created the naomi marquee with photoshop. Still trying to figure out what i want for a bezel and side art.
  9. I do have other emulators setup. I do like the look of the 3do marquee better than the others. I mainly built this for my kids who are 6,7,9, and 11 so most of the games are for them. I have my old favorites i like to play as well. Metal slug,mvsc, and i recently started playing around with atomiswave so i can play fist of the north star which is one of my fav animes.
  10. Just wanted to show what I have done so far. Its far from complete but Its coming along. Most of the problems I have had with the software I have figured out by reading through a ton of forums and finding the answer. I think its an old nba jam cabinet as the original control panel had a nba logo and it was 4 players. I did decide to go with the betabrite prism for the marquee. I know a lot of people are going with lcd's but I personally like the look of the betabrite. I still have to install the monitor permanently and I also have a 2nd 7inch monitor I am going to build in to it to use with hyperspin helper to show the controls. This is an older pic but I have permanently installed the betabrite in the Marquee area. I removed it from its original casing and attached it to the original plexiglass for the marquee. I hand built and constructed the control panel and covered it with plexiglass just to keep the wood from being damaged. I was going to get a control panel overlay but once I painted the control panel black I liked it so much I just covered it with plexi. I will post a final picture when it is completed. I am using a 26 inch lcd for my monitor.
  11. You can also check the ledblinky website and read through the installation and configuration guide and if that doesn't help I know the creator of the program arzoo is a member here as well. You can also search for led blinky on the forums and you may find your answer there as well.
  12. actually here is a better pic of the default for the controls editor. I downloaded led blinky again so I could try to help. since my cab is downstairs.
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