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  1. awaawaawa

    Multi Menu

    Thanks but where is the post??
  2. awaawaawa

    Multi Menu

    Cutting the Crap??!!??
  3. awaawaawa

    Multi Menu

    Anyone know if it is possible a multi menu??
  4. awaawaawa

    Multi Menu

    Hi, there is the possibility to have different Main Menu?? There are a lot of systems and the wheel is too big. Maybe thematic menu Thanks
  5. Yes this is what I was asking... Sorry for my English
  6. But there is a rule?? I mean when the media go to Hypersync or not, there is a rule or not?? Thanks
  7. Ok I will try thanks. Another question: the update in the site (for example wheel art) are included in the hypersync or are different things?? Thank
  8. Hi, I configure a system with Hypersync and I want to sync also the box art, wheel art... When I choose to sync, for example, the box art with the apposite button when I exit from the media configuration the setting is lost. I enter again in the media configuration and the setting is lost. What can I do?? thanks
  9. Hi, I'm using Hypersync (I'm Platinum member) and I have a problem with Commodore 16 & Plus4. I configure it and Hypersync return an error that the Database is corrupted (I also tried first delete and sync again). Anyone had same problem?? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm thinking about Platinum membership. One of the privilege is "FULL access to HyperSync so you can setup your HyperSpin Cabinet with a single click!" What does this mean?? Thanks
  11. Hi, I downloaded the HyperSync Cloud and I update via wyUpdater. I try to run the Loader and a screen with Bootstrapper and the prograw wait forever in "Verifyng Windows Media Player version"... Anyone can help me please?? Thanks in advance
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