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  1. Did someone created a working ini file? Thanks!
  2. Hallo, i love openBor! Did someone created a working ini file ans solved to remap the keys for an Shield Controller? Thanks!
  3. Hi, has somebody running a Commodore Amiga Wheel on Android? If yes can you share the ini? Many thanks!
  4. Hi, cant find anything at the Ftp, would appreciate a pm very much. Many thanks!
  5. Super Idee! Vielleicht kannst Du kurz erklären wie Du genau vorgegangen bist. Könntest Du die xml vielleicht bei Dropbox hochladen? Vielen Dank Luvarim
  6. Luvarim


    Sounds like a nice addon. Can you post a picture?
  7. It seems to be a near perfect solution! Pledged for the retail Mega Set!
  8. Ah forget, i see you mentioned the size in your first post.
  9. Very nice idea! Its a good compromise between a full cab and a console. Like to try something like this by myself. What size are the chest and the top of the chest?
  10. Looks very good! Can you post brand and model of the TFT?
  11. That sounds very nice. Can one of you give me a hint what specific Nas i should buy? It has to be a 4bay, so that i have enough space and i want to store movies and music there too. And use it with an xmbc+hyperspin+steam home theatre pc. Thanks Luvarim
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