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  1. Ahh ok thanks for the heads up guys. I thought they were all out of stock again. So how does $60 shipped sound.
  2. I have a PinDMD v1 board that I never used. Looking to sell it to someone in need of one. $100
  3. I Have a virtual pinball machine for sale. $2500 42" Playfield 21" Backglass 15" DMD Core i5 overclocked to 4.3mhz 8GB Ram Dual Video cards (NVIDIA 460 & 430) 64gb SSD Hard Drive Nanotech Entertainment's Mot-Ion Adapter and Digital Plunger kit PinDMD V1. Not installed needs dmd. Pictures: http://s983.photobucket.com/user/Leachdude/library/vpin Location Jackson, MI 49201
  4. OK this project in now finished here are some pictures... http://s983.photobucket.com/user/Leachdude/library/vpin?sort=3&page=1 This machine is for sale if interested contact me.
  5. Does the pindmd v1 board work with a Stern 5v LED display? Thanks
  6. OK well got the DMD issue working. Never figured it out in WindowsXP. I installed windows7 and now it work perfect. Now a new problem. Man it just on bug after another but it's working itself out. I load hyperpin and select a table. Table load fine. I can quit the table and hyperpin come up and works fine. Problem is if I leave a table loaded for a long amount of time (say and hour or so) when I exit the table hyperpin launches back up but will act as if it frozen, the pinball wizard controls do nothing. I can hit f3 on the keyboard a couple times then it will work. Anyone have a clue what this could be ?? Thanks
  7. Ok new problem. A few tables are having an issue with the DMD being on the 2nd or 3rd monitor. If the DMD is on the PF the table will play fine. I drag it to the 2nd monitor it works fine until I restart and then the table is SLOW to the point it wont load the DMD anymore. Any thoughts? What drivers should I be using with windows xp? Thanks
  8. Ok I will have to try a script edit. For now I will live with what is available. For those using the Nanotech motion and plunger. I have the plunger working fine. What is the trick to get the motion to calibrate? Mine seems to just be moving all around on its own after calibrating. The balls moves in the shooter lane and I am not even moving the table. Make the ball do weird thing during play. Is there a way to turn this off? Thanks
  9. OK coming along slowly on the cabinet. Got all the computer issues worked out. Trying to get my mot-ion digital plunger and buttons setup for visual pinball. Is there a tutorial on how to make you games work with the plunger? I loaded one game up it plunger back but on release would not hit the ball. A couple games the flipper buttons will not even work. What is the best way to set this up? Thanks
  10. Yeah big bummer because now what I thought was the video card just may be the motherboard as the replacement card is giving me the same results. Good thing newegg is great with rma's!! Chris
  11. Just a little update. I just ordered my speaker panel from mameman. I will be just going with a set of PC speakers on this build. I got my computer parts order in, had a bad SSD and the GTX460 video card was bad as well. Waiting on my motherboard mounting tray, plunger, buttons. Almost got everything I need. Chris
  12. I will be going with the slide/tilt playfield for this build. I have never painted a cab, is it spary paint or a roll on paint best? What are some of the best options for PC speakers in a cabinet? Looking for a more simple build to start so thinking of just PC speakers with a sub. Any thoughts? Chris..
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