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  1. hi honosuseri thanks for respond, well i try to rename them like renaming rbs but the problem goes to the next bottom game in this case riding hero renaming riding hero makes the entire neo geo wheel turn into black screen and only alt + f4 can solve it
  2. Hi im new at this forum my english is bad but i will try to explain as best I can many days ago i install hyperspin in a old pc to turn it into a arcade machine everything works well until i see the neogeo wheel (menu wheel) stops in 2 games and dont move until you go back and enter again, if you go down or up to that 2 games the wheel gets stuck again, i try to erase the game change the art modify the database game list and the problems still exist or is moved to another tittle the one who was down of the problematic game, it happens with the Real bout special and the kof99 if any one was having this problem before is any way to fix it? PC: dell optiplex 360 4gb ram windows 7 pro 64bits runing hyperspin 1.3.2
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