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  2. Hey heres my log text, but like i just thanked you for fixing the problem it is no more. My Atari consoles now all work in Hyperspin. Heres ma log though encase you wanted to see i guess. 11:13:56 AM | HyperSpin Started 11:13:56 AM | Going FullScreen 11:13:56 AM | LEDBlinky is set to active 11:13:56 AM | Found LEDBlinky.exe 11:13:56 AM | Running LEDBlinky 11:13:56 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 1 11:13:56 AM | Checking for updates 11:13:56 AM | Update Check Complete 11:13:56 AM | Startup program unavailable 11:13:56 AM | Playing intro video 11:13:57 AM | Error intializing joysticks 11:13:57 AM | Menu Mode is multi 11:13:57 AM | Loading Main Menu.xml 11:13:57 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 8 11:13:57 AM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 11:13:58 AM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 11:14:02 AM | Loading Atari 7800.xml 11:14:02 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 7 "Atari 7800" 11:14:02 AM | roms_only is true, checking files 11:14:02 AM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 11:14:03 AM | Atari 7800 wheel loaded successfully 11:14:03 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 9 "Ace of Aces (USA)" 11:14:05 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 9 "Barnyard Blaster (USA)" 11:14:06 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 9 "Choplifter! (USA)" 11:14:06 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 9 "Centipede (USA)" 11:14:08 AM | Launching Game 11:14:08 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 3 "Centipede (USA)" "Atari 7800" 11:14:08 AM | Using HyperLaunch 11:14:08 AM | Getting HyperLaunch path 11:14:08 AM | HyperLaunch located at C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe 11:14:08 AM | Running HyperLaunch.exe 11:14:08 AM | HyperLaunch Command Line is: C:\Hyperspin\HyperLaunch.exe "Atari 7800" "Centipede (USA)" 11:15:01 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 4 11:15:03 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 4 11:15:03 AM | Loading Main Menu.xml 11:15:03 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 8 11:15:03 AM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 11:15:04 AM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 11:15:05 AM | Exit program unavailable 11:15:05 AM | Quiting Hyperspin 11:15:05 AM | Command Line is: "C:\Hyperspin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 2 11:15:05 AM | Bye! The game loads, sound works, esc button exits emulator and controlls are all bound, Almost time to throw it in the cabinet, Thank you again for your help!
  3. Hey thank you for your help! I am on HS1.4, and the Settings.ini is already pointing to the correct path. The extensions in HyperHQ were the problem. Swapped the bars to Commas and i received another error while trying to play. Hyper couldn't find the modules for the emulator i was using. I went in and renamed the correct .AHK file and it works perfectly. Just a random question, i currently have all my SNES and NES rom extensions seperated by bars and it also works fine in hyperspin, why would it work with those systems but not my atari ones? Thank you again for your help i was stuck for days on it!
  4. Hello i have ran into a issue while trying to set up an Atari 7800 Emulator with hyperspin. I am using the emulator "ProSystem", I have everything up and running in RocketLauncher UI. All 58/59 roms found and run like a dream.When i try to launch it through HyperLaunch i recieve the following error in my HyperLaunch Log. " 11:04:37 PM | HyperLaunch v2.25c 11:04:37 PM | System Specs: HyperSpin Dir: C:\Hyperspin OS: WIN_7 OS Language: 0409 OS Admin Status: No Monitor #1 (\\.\DISPLAY1): 1920x1080 (1920x1040 work) HyperSpin Res: 1936x1056 AHK Version: 11:15:43 PM | HyperLaunch launched directly 11:15:57 PM | HyperLaunch received "Atari 7800" and "Centipede (USA)" 11:15:57 PM | INI Keys read 11:15:57 PM | Checking paths 11:15:58 PM | Cannot find Rom - C:\Hyperspin\Roms\Atari 7800\Centipede (USA) with any provided extension I have checked my rom extensions in HyperHQ and they are as follow "7z|zip|a78". I have gone in to the .ini for this system and made sure the rom paths are correct, wich they are. If i run hyperspin and go to my "Atari 7800" Console it cant seem to find any of my roms so it wont load my wheel (yes i know its on "Rom Only" im just mentioning hyperspin cant find the roms either), I have made sure i have the right XML in the database, folder named exactly as the console name "Atari 7800". I have checked all of this fourm and a couple others and couldn't find a solution for this unique problem. If anyone out there could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
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