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  1. Hi All, Just trying to get Hyperspin up and running on my new Nvidia shield. I've got a fair chunk of it working but my main issue at the moment is none of the media or artwork seem to be loading. What I have done so far Inserted an 128 GB SDCard and formatted to be internal Sheild storage Google Bandits NVidia Shield Pack Culled a few roms to allow it to fit onto a 128GB card. Copied across all directories except some of the roms mentioned earlier into /internal/Hyperspin directory Followed Bandits youtube guide for install of everything else - Now I'm pretty sure the fact that roms are loading the path for Media should be fine it's just that none of it is playing. Here are some screenshots of the directory layout https://imgur.com/a/V3np83l and a link to the conents of my "Main Menu.ini" file - https://pastebin.pl/view/dc558242 I'm sure I'm missing something basic. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I worked it out. I saw on another thread someone talking about logcat so followed the instructions here and worked out how to turn on debugging. 1. To become a developer go to settings - about and click on build 7 times. 2. Back out to the main settings menu and go into developer options. Turn on network debugging, note the IP. 3. Grab adb platform tools from google. Just google “adb platform tools” and get the right one for your PCs OS. 4. Run adb connect IP from before. 5. Then run adb bugreport to get a packaged up log set. You can also run adb logcat to watch the stream of logs. From there I ran the "adb connect > /tmp/hyperspin.log" from my laptop and then ran hyperspin on the nvidia shield. I dug into the logs and spotted this little gem 11-15 19:25:11.604 23281 23298 D HSFE-theme_loader: loading menu item 1 11-15 19:25:11.604 23281 23298 D HSFE-theme_loader: Open of '/sdcard/Hyperspin/Media/Main Menu/Themes/Default.zip' failed: No such file or directory 11-15 19:25:11.604 23281 23298 D HSFE-png_helper: Open of '/sdcard/Hyperspin/Media/Main Menu/Themes/Default.zip' failed: No such file or directory 11-15 19:25:11.605 23281 23298 D HSFE-swf_helper: Open of '/sdcard/Hyperspin/Media/Main Menu/Themes/Default.zip' failed: No such file or directory My Themes folders just contained files and no Default.zip so on a hunch I just compressed the entire contents of this directory into a file called Default.zip and it fixed all my issues I posted this here in case someone else runs into the issue. Now off to compress the other Theme folders. Now to work out why MAME games are not loading..... Edit Edit: OK the themes from Bandit's pack are pretty broken. I suspect there must have been an update to Hyperspin since it was originally made. Looks like I might be building some of this from scratch. Still not sure why MAME isn't working but it's probably the same issue. That video above is only from 2019 though so not sure why it doesn't work as well as expected.
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