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  1. You can see what CH does with the decals on his unboxing of his TF LE. He hasn't even set it up yet and has to fix things that aren't right from the factory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjzSyIpACTk I really like the artwork DeeGor and can't wait to see it on your cab.
  2. Here are the 182.50 drivers I used for almost a year in XP before I switched to Win7 64bit http://www.sendspace.com/file/hirr3p
  3. I would use EL glow wire instead of LEDs to illuminate the "PIN" word. http://store.glowire.com/products/12-Volt-10%27-Plug-%26-Play.html Looks great otherwise and can't wait to see more pics of the your build.
  4. jeez chriz, you have more fuses than all 4 of my real pinball machines combined. Good work
  5. Wow Chriz that artwork is going to be amazing in the end and can't wait to see it. I still need to put artwork on my cab as it is just flat black all around. How much is the guy charging to create this original work?
  6. I didn't think you could order a Keywiz with the programming you wanted on the ROM which is why RandyT provides software for it so you can program it yourself. The only downside to it unlike the IPAC is you need to load the profile every time you start windows. That isn't a problem but I found 9/10 times it would give an error with a big "X" on the screen when trying to load the profile leaving you to kill the process via task manager. That sort of sucks when you want to automate your cab and not have to rely on having a keyboard nearby. I never got resolution for this and switch to an IPAC and haven't looked back. Unless you are running your VP cab 24/7 I don't think this would be a problem and besides I didn't think burn ins still happened
  7. If the Rendering Table animation is showing up on screen doesn that mean fplaunch been executed already? Glad to hear I'm not the only one My problem is the opposite of yours and I have been running XP on my cab the past year. Then I added an LEDWiz to the mix and 5RGB Led flashers to my setup and then most of my tables started to stutter. I had my XP setup tweaked very well and used the 182.50 drivers and even tried a fresh install using the latest as some had posted improved performance using 270.61 in XP. I did and still had table stutter where as with a fresh Win7 64bit and 270.61 drivers installed without tweaking the OS yet, the same tables (Radical, Party Zone, Back to the Future) that would stutter immediately upon launching the ball in XP played very smooth. I didn't bother with the F11 FPS value in VP as I knew these three tables were pretty bad especially BTTF when you launch the ball it is unplayable and by the time things catch up your ball has drained. So right now I guess I just have to accept these minor glitches in Hyperpin as well as longer table exit times for much improved table performance with LEDWiz enabled. The flashing RGB LEDs really add quite a bit to the playing experience and glad I have them working smoothly now.
  8. Using same version as well, oh well. I might try disabling the load animation screen in the settings.ini to see if it helps. I would go back to the older 1.1 version but I needed to re-map my exit key to "e" instead of "esc".
  9. I have a few glitches and wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing. 1. When I am scrolling through tables in HP and hold down one of the flipper buttons and scroll through say 20-30 tables, when I let go I can't do anything anymore. 2. When I load a table the rendering table animation appears and then it stay on screen while ROM is loaded up on my third display. To fix this I exit the table and open it again and sometimes it takes 2-3 tries before it finally works. Never had these and not sure if it is just a Win7 issue or FPlaunch cause I never had these issues before on my XP setup.
  10. You building a P3K cab with bigger boobies to one up H4CKER?
  11. Tried with XP SP3 compatibility and still same crash But I did have a nice game of Indy 500 with gstav's 5LED setup and scored 1.2 billion! Performance is most definitely better in Win7 compared to XP in regards to stutter when a lot is going on. I wonder if it has to do with any tweaks I have done to cause VP to crash when you exit a table to go back to HP? I wanna try this Exit key remap and see if it helps but not sure what to do. If I make a change in the AHK file do I need to recompile it?
  12. admin yes, XP SP3 compatibility mode no. I also set FPlaunch.exe and Hyperpin.exe to run as admin as well but might add the XP SP3 compatibility mode too. Thanks guys, I'll give it a try and see how it goes.
  13. Ok, just got home from and tried to re-create the above scenario and get the same crash as when I exit a table through hyperpin. Now how to I remap the exit button? Inside hyperpin settings.ini or the fplaunch AHK file? I have to step out now but hopefully I can get this resolved when I get back tonight. Funny how I never had to do this for my XP setup. Thanks for the advice and help guys.
  14. Thanks I'll give that a try tonight and see if it helps. I never had to do it in XP and I've install VP & HP many times before. When you say map exit button to e you mean on my iPAC or inside my HP Settings.ini file? Thanks, -mike
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