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  1. This looks really cool, I hope they can deliver on promises... Would love to play this one.
  2. You can build it yourself. You just need: - 5 flasher caps (transparent, several pinball part shops have these) - A cable For example like this one (Conrad): https://www.conrad.nl/nl/kleurgecordeerde-vlakbandkabel-aantal-polen-16-awg-28-7-x-0127-mm-bkl-electronic-744279.html - 5 RGB leds (350mA) For instance these on e-bay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/400644271034?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT IMPORTANT TIP: the plus sign on one of the legs is NOT the right one, use the one opposite. Probably a manufacturing fault. If you stick to that they work awesome and are very cheap. - 15 resistors of 27 Ohm if you decide to hook them up on the 12V power supply of the PC. Also via Conrad or any other electronic store. Much more satisfying and transport costs via zebsboards in Canada are pretty steep.
  3. wOw that looks great. Congratz on (almost) finalizing your cabinet. I'm still not sure which theme I will use for my cab but Tron is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing the artwork, much appreciated!
  4. Two weeks ago I finally finished my Virtual Pinball Machine ! The result is even better than I could have imagined. The LedWiz installation really is amazing and I'm glad I installed one. The three screen setup works perfectly with just one video card and the performance of the pinball machine is great (either with VP or FP). Still have many tables to explore and even got my wife to agree on putting it in the living room. Luckily she is also fond of playing pinball . The only part bugging me is getting Ledwiz to work with FP and FutureDMD, seems to be an OpenGL dll issue. VP works fine with Ledwiz. Time to play some pinball!!!!!!
  5. Always a pleasure to see it come to life ;0). Good luck with finalizing it.
  6. Nice work! If I had a wide body and living in the States I would definitely be interested .
  7. Another good weekend with a lot of progress . Finalized the top and also installed the fans/power supply and the legs. Actually putting everything together was quite challenging but it all fits like a charm . Started with the lightbar and hopefully finish it this coming weekend. Got some help with the solding and wiring and only need to buy some resistors to protect the RGB leds.... Final steps to come : wiring of all the buttons and the ledwiz. The software config is done and up and running. To be continued...
  8. Looks pretty nice, good work zed! Maybe one day when I'm fed up with missing the 100k hole each and every time with Cyclone .
  9. Goonies looks amazing! Downloading and installing... .
  10. YES! I finally had some spare time to work on the cabinet. Spend two weeks on software config and everything is working like a charm now. Could not get Hyperpin running decently on the Windows 8 config so sticked to PinballX. Hopefully there will be an update of Hyperpin in the near future that works better with Win 7/8. Next stop is finalizing the cabinet. I bought the final parts last week (2nd hand bally coin door, playfield glass (new), side rails and guides, audio system ( Trust Tytan 2.1, sufficient for me ). I needed to drill some extra holes in the front. Also refurbished the 1992 bally coindoor (sanded and sprayed the bugger). Painted the whole cabinet and also sprayed the connections (to fixate the cabinet to the top). I'm pretty satisfied with the current result. I still not sure about the decals, so for now I will just finish it in black and decide on the decals later on.. I wanna PLAY . Today I also finished the DMD/Speaker panel. Only needs some paint, which I will do tomorrow. The beer in the fridge was calling me.... . To be continued....
  11. Finally had some time to test the PC setup. For a good test setup I had to wait for the DMD screen to arrive from Asia together with the controller card and power supply. Now everything is in I was able to test out the config. I changed the CPU and bought the i5, primarily to support VP as this only supports single core processors. The config is as follows: Screen 1: TX-39AS500 39" playfield Screen 2: AOC M2870V 28" backglass screen Screen 3: LP156WF1 TL C1 15.6” DMD screen Within Windows 8 they have the same order (1: 39" connected to the HDMI , 2: 28" connected to the DVI , 3:15,6" connected to the VGA). The ASUS Geforce GTX 750 TI 2GB has no issues with displaying all three monitors! The cabinet is also going along well. This weekend I created all holes for the buttons and created the frame to fixate the 28" backglass (pictures will follow). The software config is actually the hardest and most frustrating part of the whole build. VP and FP are working fine but the hardest part is the pinball front end. Hyperpin is working, but extremely slow under windows 8. I read about a zillion threads but feel Hyperpin is not well supported by Windows 8. I'm currently setting up PinballX to see if I can overcome the performance issues. First impressions are good, besides the focus issues when using FP/BAM. To be continued...
  12. Without PC and monitor I spend about 530 euro's. That's 400,- for the cabinet (incl postage), 50,- for the I-Pac and wiring (loved the wire chains for the button wiring, wouldn't say pointless), 30,- for the PAC drive and 50,- for printing decals. I used two 5 watt speakers and a spare creative labs sub. Sounds really nice.
  13. Thanks, will do some testing hopefully in the coming week(s). I will rethink the choice of the CPU. Maybe I will return it and swap it with an i3 or i5, would be a pity if the CPU is going to be the bottleneck.
  14. Yeah really nice kit . For people who are interested it the kit see this link : http://www.arcadeworlduk.com/products/Flat-Pack-Upright-Arcade-Cabinet-Kit.html I would have loved to do the whole thing myself, but it just takes some many hours and I also need some spare time for gaming and my other hobbies ....
  15. Amazing how much experience and knowledge this forum contains, respect to you all and I just love Hyperspin and this community! After my initiation with building an arcade cabinet and reading tons of threads and examples of pinball cabinet builds I am finally ready to start my own pinball cabinet build. I'm really looking forward to the whole project and I'm sure there are going to be some difficult design/implementation moments. I probably have some questions during these moments and I hope you are willing and able to help me out . Cabinet: - Standard measures Bally cabinet (new) Screens: - Panasonic TX-39AS500 (39") - AOC M2870V (28") - LP156WF1 TL C1 15.6” LAPTOP LED DISPLAY (DMD) Controller cards: - LedWiz - I PAC PC specs: - ASUS B85M-E motherboard - Intel Celeron G1850, 2,9 Ghz - ASUS Geforce GTX 750 TI 2GB - Sandisk Ultra Plus 128 GB - Corsair CX 600W power supply - 4 GB memory (1600 1X4GB) - Wireless Keyboard + mouse Sound: - To be determined (probably sub with 2 or 4 speakers driven by the onboard audio card) LEDs: - Led bar with 5 RGB leds - Led strips on the bottom of the cabinet - Start, launch ball etc I'll first focus on getting this baby up and running and will decide later on the art and if I want to add shakers etc... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First steps this week is to modify the cabinet so it has easy access via the back, a nice tray feature for the PC and a good internal framework to hold the playfield screen. I included some pics from my early steps in this project . I have a question I could not find in any of the forum threads and hopefully someone can help me out with this one. For builds with the 3 screen options I read that everyone is using two videocards or one with additional support from the onboard videocard. The videocard I bought has four output connectors and allegedly supports up to 3 monitors. Has anyone tried with similar cards (3 active outputs) if it is possible to control the playfield, backglass and DMD with a single card (for instance playfield via HDMI, backglass via DVI and DMD connected via the VGA connector)? Thanks for your help!
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