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  1. Hey Mameman, can you CnC plexiglass? Like your TZ topper? I wanted a topper for my Creature from the Black lagoon machine kinda like that and also a topper for my Hyperpin too.


  2. Hey, I forgot one thing can you send me a list of the tables you have available for the cabinet versions?

    Thanks so much,


  3. Hi, thanks for the reply about the cabinet version of swords of fury table.

    If you could email it to me that would be greatly appreciated!!!

    [email protected]

    Thanks again,


  4. Hey Unclewilly, quick question. I have downloaded the table and rom for ripleys believe it or not for my hyperpin but I get no table sounds....I just get sounds from the bumpers and flippers.....the table volume is up also. Any ideas? All my other tables work fine.

  5. Fixing to start my hyperpin build just getting a couple more componets to get going. I sent my artwork files to Brad and he was excellent to deal with. Got the cabinet decals in yesterday and man I cannot believe the quality of the print detail and durability these things have. I have been installing pinball cabinet decals on williams and bally machines for some time now.....I have used them from several pinball suppliers and yes they may come screenprinted for actual reproduction artwork decals for pinball machines but I have to say, they are very thin, easily damaged with very light impact and cost $300.00 plus per set. I never knew you could get custom designed art for a pinball machine printed for what Brad is charging much less on a durable print media that is easily installed and protected from damage with the laminate. I dont have any other companies that I can compare to the job that Brad does other than decals for real machines I have done. But the service he provides and customer interaction is worth twice the price he is charging for sure! Thanks again Brad for all of your help and for the forums for posting this sticky so I could find your service!
  6. So do you have to use a remote to turn on your 37 inch vizio separately every time you power on your machine?

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