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  1. Thank you. I now have your video saved in my watch later list and will...watch it later. Also, thanks for all of your content and help. It's made my build look amazing. Going to try and help with the NES themes project when I have time.
  2. Good day. I've been setting Hyperspin up for a good long while now and am getting everything set up the way I like it. I have most systems set up and everything is the way I want it (for now). However, I would like to customise it a little more. At the moment, I have my main menu showing all the system wheels. Go into each system and it shows that systems game wheels. Great. But with so many system and so many games, I'm trying to order it a bit more. What I would like to do is add a "Collections" wheel to the main menu. Then, going into this Collections wheel would bring up custom Collection wheels I have created, for example "Zelda", "Sonic" etc.. going into these wheels then brings up all games under that collection. So basically, a wheel in a wheel in a wheel. I've looked into HyperXMLSpin, and have been able to create my collection wheels (Zelda, sonic etc..), but I can only add these wheels to the main menu. Is it possible to have a 3 wheel deep setup? So the main menu shows all systems plus my one "Collections" wheel, selecting Collections brings up all my custom collection wheels (Zelda, Sonic, Mario etc..) and then each collection wheel has all the games for that collection? I've heard there is a way of doing something similar using another instance of Hyperspin (and if that's the only way, I'll give it a go), but I'd rather not have to do this. Could I potentially use the "Genre" or "Favorite" wheels to achieve this? If at the end of the day none of this is possible, I might just add a few wheels to the main menu, using HyperXMLpsin, but this is going to increase the number of wheels on the main menu and I'd rather like to have everything tidied up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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