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  2. Controller set-up using joy-2-key. I keep struggling with switching back and forth with controllers nad some of the games. Here is my idea. I started with the n64 usb adapter (2 controllers). Then there are 3 wireless x-bpox controllers and a pedestal running mini ipac with trac-balll (8 button each). Could I run joy to key on all of then fir 1st player and 2nd, and then 3rd and 4th palyer and make it work. 1 side of pedestal (ipac mini)+1 xbox controller+1 n64c ontroller would have the same key assignment and not used at the same time. Could this work? jFlash
  3. Where can I get a wireless N64 and wireless game cube controller order? Do I need both or will one do both jobs? If so which one?
  4. I had everything that could go wrong went wrong, or so I felt. I gave up but three days later the graphics I had printed out came in; I forgot about it. That gave me a second life hammered it out and got a bunch of help from great members online here. Now I have a bad ass full 2 player pedestal. It's a lot easier to finish then to keep thinking of the project you never finished.
  5. go to ultimarc it is the only place to go. That guy is amazing and will help you. I had an issue with an order he shipped out a replacement right away.
  6. Are you running a pedestal with a flat on the wall? or a cabinet? The bigger the better either way for what you are trying to do.
  7. wait a second. Isn't that the one you can buy online??? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Xtension-Pedestal-Arcade-Cabinet-for-X-Arcade-Tankstick-/330445493308
  8. Is that the pre-made order one. Where you just have to put it together. Looks exactly like it.
  9. anyone able to solve the dolphin bar putting itself as the 1st controller, etc. yet?
  10. the wii remotes are pairing and when I restart, the computer forgets them. What should I do?
  11. Unfortunately more confused. Xpadder is up and run with wireless controllers. Now setting up pedestal I want to use ipac mini for it's controllers. Not going ipac-mini to xpadder, using ipac-mini to WinIPAC. would I have an issue?
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