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  1. Hello yes, the last verison. Could you be so kind as to give me an estimated time for hypersinc to come back online again?
  2. Cant connect hypersync, the problem is check the internet connection and if I have. Plis Help
  3. Hello, I have connection problems and hyperbase is inactive for about 1 week. Could you give a settlement date?
  4. Thanks for answering, how can I solve that?
  5. I couldn't connect to the Hyper cloud a week ago, a message pops up saying it doesn't recognize the user. I am platinum and I have already sent a private message, but nobody gives me a solution, please fix it or return the money.
  6. does not allow me to login, hypersync error
  7. Hi, what happen with hyperbase? link download is down. Thx
  8. anytha0020


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