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  1. I've never managed to work out Magic Dosbox since sideloading it to shield. First problem I couldn't get a mouse cursor to appear using the shield controller, i got a mini usb keyboard to solve that issue but then found i couldnt load games from an external hdd.
  2. I'm also following this topic as Amiga is one of the 3 systems I have real problems emulating on a shield. I've kind of given up on Ms-dos & scummvm but still hoping to find an amiga solution
  3. I actually had no idea Arc Browser supported video until you mentioned it. After watching a few youtube videos it seems I under estimated what its capable of. Thanks for the advice I think running hyperspin on my gaming laptop & arc browser on my shield is the best option. As my hyperspin setup is on an external hdd I'm hoping I can point arc browser to the media files I already have.
  4. Yeah Arc Browser was what I was using before I discovered hyperspin so it's probably what I'll go back to on the shield. Noticed launchbox are have an android app in beta at the mo so might be a case of playing the waiting game til this is ready or retroarch is fixed. Shame as hyperspin is definitely the more attractive frontend.
  5. This has really peed me off as I'm new to hyperspin & spent more time setting it up than actually playing it. With the mame core (the one without a year) vanishing it's basically broken my setup. Just wondering is it possible to stream a pc version of hyperspin to the shield using gamestream?
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