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  1. Yes!!!! Got it working. Like I initially thought, it was a stupid mistake I made. RLUI was not pointing to the correct path. So I used the fix above suggested by agent47 and also applied the following in RLUI: Select GLOBAL, Click General Settings and the RocketLauncher tab. Set the "Default Frontend Path" to the exe of HyperSpin.exe Set the "Default Plugin" to HyperSpin. Appreciated the help guys
  2. Hello again. I tried the above suggestion; used HS 1.4, changing the Setting.ini to point to RL path and changing the execution to HL in HQ. This didn't work I'm having no luck whatsoever with getting PSX running through HS. Is there anything else that you or anyone else can suggest?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will have a proper look once I have everything set up again. As far as I know, HS and RL must be connected properly as I can launch games on other systems (Genesis, Snes, mame etc). I used simply austins setup which has everything there ready to go (as far as I am aware). I did try downloading several older versions and ensuring the cores etc were there. Retroarch just didn't want to launch whatsoever. I get the message "retroarch.exe has stopped working" every time I tried to open it. I'll have a good look once I have it setup again, but I'm thinking it is more of a compatibility issue.
  4. Hello, The PSX games work fine when launched through rocketlauncher, but won't launch at all in HyperSpin itself. I have tried using Xebra, ePSXe and Pcsx to no avail. I did try RetroArch but I cannot get that running, even after using all the different versions and builds (simply austins build etc). I am using a Windows Vista 32 bit system (intended for use in arcade cab project). I have a feeling that I am doing something wrong that should be completely obvious. It's pretty frustrating as I am so close to finishing my project. Can anyone help with with this issue, or direct me to a thread where this might have already been resolved? Thanks,
  5. Everything works when I choose MAME through Hyperspin but on the list there are some clones I downloaded to make some games work. How do I hide these clones and the bios ie neogeo, snk? I have tryed opening MAME xml through notepad and deleting the description of the clones but when I do this some games I havn't deleted dissapear when opening Hyperspin/MAME. Can anybody help? thanks
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