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  1. I am getting an AutoHotKey error whenever I press the <Enter> key when in Hyperspin. It just started happening but I do not know what I could have changed to make this happen. Any ideas how I can get rid of this? I am a newb and I certainly didn't knowingly change any scripts. Thanks
  2. So the Hyperspin setup that I have originated from Mad Little Pixels image. It is designed to be used with an Xbox controller and thus the Special Art shows Xbox buttons and there is a screen that pops up after the into video that shows the Xbox controller mapping. This drive is going into a dedicated arcade cabinet so i would like to remove that screen. I figured that it would be special art on the Main Menu wheel but it is not. I did manage to change the special art back to the default arcade controllers for each wheel but I cannot figure out how to get this screen removed. Any ideas on how to remove this? Thanks
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