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  1. I was really looking for a controller as it takes up less space, but I am temped to build my own and unleash an OCD project that will never end. I really like the Vewlix style Real Arcade Pro fight stick. I was thinking of building my own based on this one, but I have not found plans for this particular fight stick. If anyone has the cad files for it. I would be interested in them.
  2. I saw that hori that ridiculous price on amazon too. You would think a 6 button would be common. What I really wanted is my old saturn controller with two analogs and 2 triggers (too bad this doesn't exist). I may just have to swap to a fight stick for the 6 and 4 button layouts. I was trying to have one controller to rule them all.
  3. Hi, I am finishing up my hyperspin system and am Looking for a controller that will work with the most systems. I've tried the xbox360 controller and am not happy with the 4 button layout and terrible d-pad. I've found the controller that is what I'm looking for but it is not made anymore. I'm looking for something like the hori Xbox 360 Pad EX 2 with a 6 button layout and better dpad. Can someone recommend something similar and of good quality.
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