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  1. Brilliant will do thanks as always bro!!!
  2. Hi guys, is there any way I can remove all Casino, strategy ect games from my rom set without having to actually delete each one? Meaning is there a way to do it in the XML or wheel? I might be asking for a miracle but thought I'd at least try lol
  3. All working fine regarding my n64. So I finally got round to putting the master system on it. On the main wheel the image for the MS is there but as soon as I scroll past and go back to it I'm back to having just the text and the MS wheel image isn't there! Strange ???? If I exit out of HS and load back up its there again but yet again I scroll pass the MS image on the week and return back to it it's back to being just the text??
  4. OK I'll grab that! Thanks so much for your help much appreciated!!!!
  5. OK got it working! So I'm trying to use the 1964 emu without the use of Retroarch and I'm now getting this error message " There was an error waiting for the window "1964 ahk_classWinGui"
  6. Right so all is working fine Emulator wise, the only problem I have now is that the cart art for the 64 is not showing. I have your pack Austin, installed it as directed but yet only the box art is showing. Any ideas why???
  7. So I updated my N64 with the media pack from Simply Austin. Now get this my NES, SNES, N64 & GENESIS wheels stopped working. When I press enter to enter the wheel of one of the above wheels I'm kicked back straight to the main wheel and get this my N64 vids don't show up??????? Austin you got any clue what's happened?
  8. yeah it was the filters, Only one problem now I'm getting kicked out of Sega Genesis all the time back to the main wheel. My games don't load.
  9. Hi Guys, So I have all my rom sets in place and they all audit in RL fine and I can launch them from RL no problem. Yet when I go to HS the games are not in my wheel? Any idea's what's wrong? I have updated all DB's so I'm at a lost here. In regards to HYPERSYNC it can find my MAME and NES no problem but still having problems with the other systems. Again any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. all sorted! seems like i had a bad rom set
  11. Games are showing up red and I'm still getting thrown back to the main wheel. I can launch the games no problem outside of HS. The paths are correct, i also followed austin set up guide.
  12. Thanks Spawk! I'll check everything again
  13. Hi Guys, I'm having problems with my NES. I'm all updated 1.4 with RL I only use HS with Mame, Genesis, Snes and Nes. All my other systems are working fine. I have everything in the correct path but for some reason my NES won't load in HS i get kicked back to the main screen and I'm getting no games in the audit in RL. All the extensions are there, all paths are correct. WI'm confused as to why this is happening? any of you guys got any ideas what Im doing wrong? I can use nestopia outside of HS fine and all games load no problem.
  14. Thanks guys, really appreciate all the feed back.
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