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  1. I went with a flat piece of acrylic cut to size then masked off the monitor "live area" then spray painted black. Lexan would work too. Worked great. 27" widescreen LED.
  2. great list of reference links. Thanks, man. Looks great!
  3. I'm digging that cassette tape coffee table. . .good luck with the build, man.
  4. Was research the Posca paint pens. They're water-based. Did you put a clear coat or other protective coating once the artwork was done?
  5. Nice job, man! I need to tackle the bezel on mine shortly. How was working with the lexan? What kind of paint is that?
  6. Thanks, Ron. I have been trying to figure out what to do with that space. I was considering a digital photo frame with rotating arcade screen shots. Instructions would be a good idea too.
  7. I'm in awe of this build. I'm in Iowa and get over to Cedar Falls occasionally (UNI grad). Would love to see this in person sometime.
  8. I'm finally taking the dive and building a MAME cabinet. That's when I stumbled upon Hyperspin front end and there's been no turning back. I've always been a big fan of Marvel's Silver Surfer so this cab will be an homage to Norrin and his "creator" Galactus along with Surfer's two nemesis' Thanos and Mephisto. Jan 18, 2014 - picked up Silver Strike arcade cabinet. Monitor was shot and was removed from the guy I bought it from. I'll reuse some of the buttons and the trackball. Plenty of control panel space and room inside but it is a beast to move around. Here's how it sat on Day 1. Two person setup planned with 6 buttons per person. Jan 25, 2014 - got the cabinet cleaned up and the rest of the internals removed. I used about a half a can of Goof-Off to get the control panel graphics cleaned off. Jan 29, 2014 - picked up a used Dell Optiplex 760 at a local university surplus sale for $50. Threw in a 1TB HD and a Radeon 5450 1GB video card. Picked up a Dell 27" LED for the main monitor off of craigslist. So far I've Hyperspin working with MAME and a couple of roms. Emumovies are downloaded and installed. Very happy with the look. Installed the Marvel Superheroes MAME theme which just happens to use Thanos for the side artwork. My custom marquee is ordered from gameongrafix. Here's a low res of the marquee: The control panel graphic is set up but I'm holding off until I get the joysticks (sanwa j-stiks) installed so I can double check measurements on this before ordering. My goal this weekend is to start on wiring the control panel and get the computer and monitor installed in the cab. I'll be using a mini-pac for the control panel interface. A buddy of mine is going to work on the side art for me - one side with Surfer and Thanos - the other side with Surfer and Mephisto. Thanks for looking.
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