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  1. I guess i was thinking that if the emulators were on C, they would run more efficient. Same as hyperspin being on C: but your media files stay on the larger drive.
  2. ok got ya, i just have to find the time to learn the new way of doing this, the whole reason i got the drive, was to avoid the setup headaches This seems the route to go....thanks so much for everyones input...
  3. You are correct, it's just a matter of picking out the emulator files and moving them over to the C, one at a time, cause the roms are in emulator systems folders.
  4. I agree with your setup recommendation, i got how hyperspin works, but the Rocketlauncher part i just cant wrap my head around it. The problem with the emulators folder is thats where the roms are, 4tb worth.....which wont fit on the small ssd. So i'd have to go into each folder and move all relevant files minus the roms.
  5. Yeah if you've ever looked at the simply austin video, its done exactly like that. Hyperspin files are mixed in with the rocketlaunch files. start it at about 9 mins, he combine both programs files under one folder.
  6. This is cool to know, however the issue my drive had the hyperspin and rocket launcher files combined all under one folder. So when folks say move the files, they are assuming these both programs are separated. I wanted to know what core files and folders needed to be moved to C drive in a combined setup. Also after testing a few times, the debug log is showing the program still referencing ini files on the 4tb drive. The consensus is to just start fresh as the files should of never been combined to begin with, it was probably done this way for easier config, just point everything to one root. In your example though, what if that doesn't work, how do you remove the symbolic link?
  7. Hmm, so it looks like the its either leave it alone or a fresh install, if there is not a noticeable jump in the load times, i might just leave it be for now. Until i can make time to dissect HS/RL. Thanks to everyone for their inputs and thoughts.
  8. Hyperspin and rocketlauncher files are in the same root....like simply austin does it. The problem is i didnt do the config, theres a crapload of systems on this drive that were pre-done. I have no idea where to even start looking to redo what he did. I toyed around and i just keep getting a black screen the debug shows the the program still pointing to ini files on the R Drive. I just dont wanna screw up what already working, by doing a fresh install. Cause roket laucher is completely over my head.......
  9. Hello All, I have pre-configured 4tb drive, with hyperspin 1.3 and rocketlauncher. What i want to do is move the core hyperspin/rocketlaucher folders/files over to a solid state drive, and leave the media/emulators/roms on the larger drive. What files and folders do i need to move, and what changes to the rocketlauncher/hyperspin UI configs do i need to make to ensure everything works the same. RIght now everything is pointing to R:/Arcade
  10. Hey man, what do i need to do get the Touch Media 1.0 package? I have a media room application i would like to incorporate the software into?

    Thanks in advance

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