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  1. Led for sure less heat. I'm just finishing up my cabinet using a 46 inch led for playfied, 28inch led for back glass and an old 15 inch monitor for dmd. To get around using the remotes you can buy a smart strip. I plan on putting in my force feedback toys this weekend! Good luck have fun!
  2. Sorry for the newb question. I ordered a custom lock down bar so I know the width I need to know the depth. Measure from front of cab how many inches up is it? Trying to place my playfied tv need to know if the lockdown bar will cover the button holes.
  3. I just sent an email as well to see if this service is still available.
  4. I have the insignia 40" (bought 3weeks ago) working in my mock setup and it works great! no problem with lag or distortion. However after scouring the build posts all over the net I have decided to go with a 46" playfield. So now Im on the hunt for a 46"! LOL
  5. Awesome thanks so much. Of course I bought the ipac already. Hopefully in a months time I will be having a huge order for zebs!
  6. So would I still need an i-pac if I got this solution? Also is there a video if the nudging in action? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all your work you have provided to this hobby both arcade and pinball. I have sent 25.00 through paypal. Please send me the info for FTP access. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  8. Links to the tool seem to be missing. Do you have to have FTP membership access to get this tool?
  9. thanks for the info I'm downloading now!
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