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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I've been wasting time changing parameters left and right to force the video from a particular theme into its frame and got nowhere until I saw this. The whole theme syntax is poorly documented, or maybe I overlooked, but trying to modify themes has proven very cumbersome.
  2. I was able to fix it by setting that parameter to "vertical". The other post you linked also reminded me that I had run into that same problem with compressed zip files years ago, but I seemed to have forgotten my lesson. I was editing the file then adding it back to the zip file but 7-zip would compress it by default. I was also leaving the original file in the same folder but renamed. I'm guessing Hyperspin was somehow picking up the original file after rejecting the compressed edited one. I also severely overstated the problem as only a few of my vertical games had this problem. However, I do have several vertical and horizontal themes with other issues, like extending over the video frame or not filling it completely in either or both directions. Now that can have my edits take effect, I should be able to play with the various parameters until I get a good fit for those games. Thanks a lot for you help.
  3. Thanks. Those are good leads. I'll check them out tonight. I think all of my vertical games have this problem.
  4. Actually, this parameter is set to "none" already in the theme.xml file, which I downloaded from here a long time ago. I changed it to "4:3" as an experiment but that did not have any effect. Then again, I can't find any documentation as to what each parameter does, so I don't know what is the range or format of valid entries.
  5. Hello. I recently changed my old flv videos for better quality mp4 ones. The problem I'm having is that videos for vertical games are showing up squished from the sides into the video.png frame. I have changed several parameters in the theme.xml file and none of them have any effect on how the video is displayed. What parameters should I change to control the aspect ratio of the video?
  6. Same problem here. Has anybody found a solution?
  7. Hello, all. Would anybody be interested in making themes for the games above?
  8. That's pretty impressive performance. I'm sure it will do great for emulation. I'm more concerned about the lack of more cores hurting my chances with future PC games that my use them, and force me into another upgrade.
  9. From the benchmarks I've seen on current games, the overclocked G3258 seems to hold its own against quad-core AMD chips. The question is whether the Pentimum's low number of cores will hold me back in the future...
  10. I am using a GTS 250 and it has proven quite capable for anything I throw at it. On everything I currently played, my bottleneck is the CPU, an old Core 2 Duo E4300 overclocked to 3.0 GHz on stock voltage and cooler (and quite stable).
  11. Hello, everyone. I'm currently facing a hard decision as I consider upgrading the machine in my cab. With currently available deals, I can upgrade to either an Intel Pentium G3258 with O/C available, or an AMD FX-6300, also with o/c, for a similar amount of money. Both setups are within what I'm willing to pay for the upgrade, with Intel's i3 family and above being outside of the budget so let's not consider those for this discussion. Since I only want to go with stock voltages and cooling, I expect I can overclock either of the alternatives to around 4.0 GHz, perhaps 100-200 MHz more, so let's use this assumption. With so much information out there, I'm to the point where I'm no longer sure what is the best answer, in terms of current performance on the different types of applications I'll be using, future proofing in terms of software, etc. Hardware upgrade path is not a consideration as I will stick to this setup for years and when it's time to upgrade again I will not be able to reuse any of the hardware. Here are the applications that are relevant to the discussion: MAME: low importance as I already run everything I need at full speed Demul: low importance, as either upgrade above should get me to full speed PCSX2 & Dolphin: somewhat important as I don't know if both up upgrades will allow me to achieve full speed but I don't play many games on these emus PC Games: important as I occasionally add PC games over time and I don't know how multi-core performance will change in the future (also, I currently can't play MKKE or IGAUUE at full speed) Can anyone voice their opinion on this choice? Thanks!
  12. Try without HS first. I think the lag in gameplay will discourage you.
  13. Oh, by the way, is the xml file available at sourcefourge, dated Nov 2010, the latest available?
  14. Is there a way to get defender and robotron (maybe others) to display "Today's Top Scores", rather than "All-Time Top Scores" in HiToText?
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