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  1. I want to create an AutoHotkey script that only runs on the HyperSpin games screen (i.e. the games wheel for a given emulator). It shouldn't run during the intro movie, emulators screen, or genres screen. I use this AHK snippet to detect when HyperSpin is running: if (WinActive("HyperSpin")) { ; Custom code } Problem is, the custom code will run on every HyperSpin screen and not just the games screen. Is there a way to distinguish between the different HyperSpin screens?
  2. Does anyone have a list of fonts that HyperSpin uses? I'm trying to create special artwork that uses this font: Noticia Extrabold Rounded is close but isn't an exact match.
  3. My cabinet runs Windows 7 with a HyperSpin shell (via Instant Sheller). I've wired my motherboard's power switch to a button outside my cabinet, and there are two ways that I can shut down my system: Method #1: Quit HyperSpin When I quit HyperSpin, I run a batch file that waits a few seconds and then sends a shutdown command to Windows. I added the delay because HyperSpin doesn't always close right away, which results in a message about how HyperSpin needs to close before Windows can shut down. Method #2: Hit the power switch Windows shuts down when the power button is pressed. However, 50% of the time, I get the message about how HyperSpin still needs to close. I could add the AutoEndTasks registry key to force a shutdown, but I'm concerned that this could corrupt my HyperSpin files. Is there a better way to avoid the "Programs still need to close" message when I hit the power switch?
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