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  1. I checked all possibilities, including installation fresh OS and no positive effect. Unbelievable, but it helped........ cleaning cooler and fresh thermal grease! Kung-Fu Master now work perfectly! I'm ashamed. Thanks and respect for all for help!
  2. Could someone share a Kung-Fu Master from 0.216 romset? I would like to check if my PC fails, if I do something wrong. Thank you in advance!
  3. After checking many versions of emulator (0.202 to 0.216, official, and unofficial), I don't find a properly working Kung-Fu Master. I checked: Kung-Fu Master (World) Kung-Fu Master (bootleg1) Kung-Fu Master (bootleg2) Kung-Fu Master (US) I don't know how you did it?!? I will stick to version 0.161, that's enough for me. By the way, it works fine on version 0.162. Best regards and thank you.
  4. I have no idea how You did it. For me it looks like this (video samples): 0.161 https://mega.nz/#!zCBBhCxT!FQ6RjutaTHHVl46O05LscxWoLCY0UH2X5vwC2CcjMCM 0.216 https://mega.nz/#!uWZxDSDL!tsBNjT74rBKuveotsAd9w82JvNoJ72IgCERUD7HBUDA
  5. Thanks Creezz67! Psynaptic: I only play games from the 70-80s. O.161 is the last version MAME on which KungFu Master works well. I love this game.
  6. Hi Can anyone share this version? Thank you in advance!
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