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  1. I downloaded something like a theme pack(A pack that contains medias like artworks, videos, bezels, etc etc, that you can just drag and drop on your Hyperspin/Rocketlaucher setup) and I've noticed that the Bezels it provided are divided into two Folders which are: Horizontal and Vertical. I loaded them up in my systems bezel directory :(RocketLauncher\Media\Bezels\Shmups MAME\_Default) but hyperspin is only loading the Horizontal folder bezel for all my games. I want all of my vertical screen games to use the Vertical folder's bezel and likewise with Horizontal games.
  2. This happens with Fade in and out too, it will show me random ones. I made sure I put the folders with their respective names in the RocketLauncherUI and not in HyperSpin. This problem only happens with this system and not any other.
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