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  1. Yep that's what I meant. Unfortunately I am stumped at this point. Unless there is some hardware limitations on your PC that are causing HS to become unstable.
  2. Only other option I can think of is disabling all controller mapping in HyperHQ and mapping specifically in JoytoKey to navigate HS
  3. I have a feeling that your button mapping is somehow conflicting with Hyperspin. Is this happening on a specific emulator or just any emulator? Also, for testing sake, maybe you could try Xpadder, I believe there is an older freeware version on the web somewhere.
  4. What keyboard button is being read through JoyToKey to exit your emulators? Sometimes, when exiting an emulator I have noticed certain keystrokes will bug-out Hyperspin
  5. Almost sounds like Hyperspin isn't the focused window. Obviously the keyboard is working if you can press the Windows key. Can you Alt+Tab to cycle through windows, and land back on HS, does it work then? Also, we on Win 7?
  6. Is your controller mapped with Xpadder? If I remember correctly, Hyperspin's native controller support is buggy.
  7. Ok guys, this isn't so much a Hyperspin question, as it is a Retroarch question. I have asked the guys in that forum with no clear resolution. You guys always seem to be on top of your... game (Dr. Evil style). My setup is like this: Shield TV>Gamestream>Hyperspin>Retroarch. So I am accessing Hyperspin via Gamestream and my emulator of choice is Retroarch. Everything works great - except - I can only get one Shield controller to map in Retroarch I load up Dolphin, I can map both controllers no problem. Retroarch, it won't even detect the player 2 controller. Oh and, yeah I know you can setup Hyperspin on the ShieldTV itself, but right now I am just trying to have everything based off my PC. Thanks in advance for any insight you may have!
  8. I think people are just angry they are getting taken advantage of. Creating the themes/artwork for Hyperspin begins as a labor of love and turns into a tedious and torturous process. Some asshole copies it onto a drive and sells it? Not only that but sells it for an outrageous price! I think he should be perma banned for sure. He is selling software that is free for everyone!
  9. I am going to butt in with a couple noob questions. Firstly, I have a WRT54G V4 router... It is old, I am assuming these do not support a gigabit connection? How do I know if my Time Warner modem does? Second, I have an i3 PC I do not use...Could this be transformed into a NAS? If so any helpful knowledge source links? Thank you! (I tried to strikethrough ) I will just read that post directly above me, thank you!
  10. Not sure if this is on topic, but I have seen people talking about Arcade themes, where you can make the on screen Arcade cabinet image (the one that the snaps play in) mimic your own personal cabinet, or just about any other arcade game, as long as you have the ability to create it in photoshop, or whatever, which I do. Does this make sense what I am asking? Is there a basic theme I could go off of to do this? (I don't want to have to mess with theme maker, doing animations, all that, although I plan on getting into that later.)
  11. This is precisely what I assumed, And I would prefer to have it used this way, as mentioned earlier "What is MAME? A horse-hair emulator?" Lol... In the Arcade Classic database folder, there is no XML though. When I use the Wheel wizard in HyperHQ, and add "Arcade Classics" it doesn't link to any theme, it just has the generic text placeholder. Do I rename my MAME xml ArcadeClassics.xml? I'm a little confused. Thank you all for your responses!
  12. But in Databases, why is there a folder for Arcade Classics, and one for MAME? Also, the theme provided is different from the one I typically see.
  13. So, I see sometimes on Youtube videos and such, "Arcade Classics" rather than MAME (which is what I have)... I was wondering, how do I obtain an Arcade Classics setup, and is it basically just another theme for MAME? Help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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