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  1. Thank you. I actually have Rocket Launcher UI and can play my Coleco games from it. Do I need RL and HyperHQ to get those games to play in HyperSpin?
  2. Hello all, I am trying to set up ColecoVision on HyperSpin using MESS (MESSUI). I can configure MESSUI to play Coleco games independent of HyperSpin, but when I point to the messui.exe emulator in HS (using HQ) and try to load a game, I get the following message "Could Not Find Your Emulator/Application: R:\arcade\emulators\mess\mess64.exe. The path in the error is correct, but the executable is not. I checked the Coleco .ini file and the executable and path are fine there. I am not sure where it is referencing "mess64.exe". Thinking that maybe the UI version is not compatible, I downloaded the command line version, with the same results. I have attached a screenshot of my configuration in HQ. Am I doing something wrong here, is there a compatibility issue? Interestingly, if I select "Normal" under Emulator > Execution, the games in the wheel aren't selectable, they're just appear faded, and trying to select them doesn't trigger the error... not sure if that matters, but just a side note. Another issue (see screenshots below)... I notice that when I select Roms Only in HQ, my games don't show up on the wheel. By not show up, I mean that when I select ColecoVision as my system, it bumps me back to the system select with no games displayed. I used this option before in MAME to only show games I have, but I am not sure why it's giving me a problem here. I double checked that my roms path is correct in HQ, any thoughts? Thank you all.
  3. Hello all, I have been using HyperSpin with HyperHQ for a bit now and would appreciate if someone could help me with some tweaks that would make the experience a lot more enjoyable. I have been using HyperHQ to modify the wheels, but I just can't figure out the following: There is almost no delay from when I land on a game to when the artwork appears. I'd like to have at least a moment to look at the wheel and see what games are in view. Instead I have to keep scrolling to avoid having the artwork pop-in I have the wheel alpha set to 1 so that it is always visible, but is there a way to prevent artwork from covering it? Some games like Killer Instinct 1 & 2 have a graphic of a character that covers the wheel almost entirely I appreciate your help in advance. Thank you.
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