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  1. Thanks everyone. This is exactlly why I posted before diving in. That being said I've done a little more digging: 1/2) two other Dell's (so same graphics card issues) One running Intel Pentium G-3220 3.0 Ghz ($300 refirb) and the other i3 ($400) 3) HP running AMD Quad-core A-4-5000 with AMD Radeon HD 8330 I know people tend to prefer Intel etc but its listed as $250 refirb so very tempting. I can post listings if people want more details and once again thanks for the advice!
  2. So I've been sitting on a bunch of amazon gift cards and been waiting to take the plunge and buying a PC just for running hyperspin. My goal is to keep it pretty retro, so no need for anything past Dreamcast. That being said I know the recommendations are dual core and at least 4 gb of ram so I was at this this. From what I can tell it meets my spec requirements and has decent reviews, but I am interested in what people think. If you have better suggestions, I am looking to stay around that price, but willing to go a bit higher if needed, but limited to amazon. Thanks in advance!
  3. So after browsing around I found some good deals on two Gateway SX2110G models A and B (using newegg for easy spec look up). That being said I have two questions hopefully you all could help me out with. 1) Would either of these machines fit my needs as posted above? and 2) Which would be preferred, the slightly higher processor speed or additional RAM? Once again each are priced the same.
  4. Been doing a ton of research lately, but can't find any definitive answers. I'm wanting to focus on only emulating pre/includding Dreamcast and looking for spec recommendations. This is mostly for two reason; 1) I have a friend who works with computer regularly and may have bits and pieces laying around 2) I have a ton of amazon gift cards laying around and would be content buying a referb/used pre-built. I really just want to focus on retro, so no need for PS2, gamecube, wii etc and really including Dreamcast as I know they run some arcade ports (Blitz) better than MAME. So if you have any reccomendations I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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