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  1. Coming along nicely Frodus! Will you be using the buttons on the coin door (service buttons)? You can wire them to the iPac for in game operator controls (like volume or menu edits)? Are you going to mount your power button in factory location too? I decided to buy a samsung 40 led monitor at bestbuy instead of the insignia. I couldn't tell much of a difference but I have always had good luck w samsung in past. Not sure the extra 50 makes a difference though! I think I am going to order a virtuapin cabinet. I have all tools to make my own but it's so time consuming I think this time I'll buy premade. If I can find a old cabinet that needs a home locally and can't be restored to original glory I will use that but short of that ...
  2. Thank you so much! Anyone find a "sweet spot" whereby the throughput of the cpu/gpu/ram etc is optimum without a significant bottleneck and not killer on my bank acct? Also, when I upgrade I will be thinkjng of going to windows 7 64 bit .... or should I go with 8? I do not like windows 8 particularly. In regards to cpu ... advantages of i3 vs 5 vs 7? Optimum memory size? So many variables!
  3. I currently have a build with win7 dual core 2.6+ gtx9800 that is running a 1080p display with minimal issues. My question: how much of a difference does it make in regards to the quality of the image to upgrade to say ... a invidia 660? Specifically, since I am already running at 1080p besides the boost in frame rate (smoother gameplay will be nice) will it render the table in a better quality image? Will the edges be smoother (like wire frames and edges of playfield plastics)? I don't want to have buyers remorse about a new graphic card but I also am reluctant to build a nice cabinet if my current image quality is as good as it gets as I will be putting my cabinet next to my real pins. Thanks as always!
  4. In regards to mounting your monitor .... will it be a flat 0 degrees or tilted and will you mount it a few inches below glass or close to it? Any ghosting issue with your monitor on your recent testing? Pinball fx2 works well on my modest cpu and ball play is smooth with a older graphics card. I haven't bought the playfield led yet. Just testing tables w my desktop 24 inch monitor.
  5. Thanks frodus! If I may ask a few questions ... 1. How easily did the 28" fit in the head of the cabinet? Did you have to de-case it (which I actually prefer to do with both) 2. Are you using a 3rd monitor or DMD? 3. Do these auto-power on (I think I read somewhere that they do)? 4. What method are you using to mount your playfield and your backglass monitor? And a message for everyone else ... Does anyone have experience upgrading from a 8ms to a 3 or 5ms monitor/TV and did this make a difference? This is a great online community and I am really enjoying getting going in this hobby. I started by restoring 1980's arcade games and then started with real pinballs machines. I have restored 5 pinball machines so far and thought it was time to do a digital pin (the fact that I only have space for one more machine also pushed my current decision). Thanks - KB
  6. I am planning on ordering a standard williams size cabinet kit from Virtuapin. I would like to use the following monitors because they are on sale and seem to be a good size match. playfield Insignia NS 40D510NA15 $250 1080p. 60 hz 1,000,000:1 8mhz response time INSIGNIA NS 29D310NA15. $150 720p. 60 hz 1,000,000:1 8mhz response time Questions: 1. 60 hz should be fine correct? 2. I assume 1080 for playfield and standard 720p backglass 3. am I going to regret getting 8mhz monitors? 4. Anyone else have this setup? Thanks! Kevin
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