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  1. Hi bsymon, Yes just simple black spray paint. I found one at the hardware store that claimed to bond to plastic, worked a treat..!
  2. Thanks bersheker, The computer was an old dusty HP tower I scored from work for free. I added a 2 terabyte and re formatted it and so far is running beautifully. The monitor is a 19inch dell 4:3 picked up from a refurbished computer store for 20 bucks. Using a lot of leftover materials from my first build, free computer and not vinyl wrapping it made it a pretty cheap build. About $500.. Thanks for your comments I'm super happy with it..! Atwon
  3. Hi uptown47, Sorry for the late reply, The first cab I built I tried spraying but couldn't get a clean finish so I sanded back and rolled on (with a foam roller) oil based semi gloss paint. The finish was o.k but not perfect and oil based takes a long time to dry giving it plenty of time to attract dust. With this cab I used water based paint (touch dry in 10 minutes) with a foam roller and no gloss and am so happy with the result. A deep flat color that really resembles the laminate of a real cabinet without the cost of vinyl wrapping it.. It might depend on what color you are after but the blue that I got a guy at a paint store to match (match my buttons) turned out great.! My only error was not using a tinted undercoat causing me to give this thing 4 coats before I got a nice deep, flat finish. Your plywood might be a little "thirsty" for paint, maybe 'a few' coats of undercoat with a light sand in between..? As for build time it was a full weekend cutting and putting together, followed by another weekend painting. Then about two weeks on and off transplanting the computer over, building brackets and wiring up the IPAC to get it complete. Hope this helps, feel free to shout out with any other queries.. Atwon
  4. Hi guys, I recently finished my cab, it's called ARCADE ACTION! SPECS: - Hp i5 which I scored for free! - 2 terabyte HD - Sanwa JLF sticks - Happ buttons - Ipac2 - Aimtrack light gun - HyperSpin frontend (of coarse) Hope you guys enjoy the build shots, happy to answer any questions.. Future plans are to upgrade the marquee to something a little flashier, wire the lights up on the credit buttons and possibly add a second Aimtrack. It was a super fun build and I'm having a blast playing it, hope you guys enjoyed the photos.
  5. Back on track today, lets get me some Neo Geo Pocket Color artwork..!
  6. Thanks ktmaltman, I'll try again tomorrow..
  7. Hi all, is Hypersync down at the moment, I'm getting the 'check credentials' message.
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