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  1. sorry for the poor explanation, I already have my roms and emulators ready to go and I was planning to get the videos from Emumovies but from my understanding I wont get anything unless HS is set up properly right?
  2. I set up my game cube wheel, the game showed in the main menu wheel but the game list didn't appear and every time I tried to enter game cube it just reloads. What could be reasons for this. I already got the XML for the game list.
  3. I'm currently using attract mode as a FE I've been considering moving to HS but the set up is very tedious and complicated. I was wondering if I get platinum membership do my roms need to be working on HS or do I just need to have them on a folder to obtain their respective wheel,art,etc.
  4. can hyperspin be fully set up in a hard drive or external hard drive? I was installing it in my C local drive and it was a pain it keep asking me about permission or do this as an admin for every single thing I opened or moved out of place. it was incredible frustrating. I had to delete it I want to start fresh in a new hard drive where the destination folder is simpler.
  5. Is there any sort of bundle to pay for both with some sort of discount? I'm just asking (Hyperspin Platinum + Emumovies Lifetime supporter) 50 + 60 = 110 -- maybe 100$?
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    I have a question regarding the platinum membership. correct If I'm wrong but If I have all my emulators and roms will hypersync help me get all the proper images for my systems and games or do I have to get them myself?
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