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  1. That wont work if exit did not get fully called which is usually why hyperlaunch didnt close... you would want something along the lines of --------------------- SetTitleMatchMode, 3 sleep, 4000 WinGetTitle, NAME, A WinWait, %NAME% WinWaitClose process, close, problem.exe --------------------- i would personally just make a bat file that had the usuall suspects in it.. ------------------- taskkill /f /im 1stproblem.exe taskkill /f /im 2ndproblem.exe taskkill /f /im 3rdproblem.exe taskkill /f /im 4thproblem.exe -------------------- save that as issue.bat and then instead of: "process, close, problem.exe" have: "run, issue.bat" that SHOULD wait 4 seconds after you launch the exe then get the name of the exe you opened. use the name it gets from winget title to populate the winwait. Then when it is closed it should continue to close hyperspin, or run the bat. That way it does not matter if the exit call didn't work. cant guarantee that it will work but something like that should be the better method.
  2. in the mame ini folder make. horizont.ini # # CORE ARTWORK OPTIONS # fallback_artwork genhorizontal # Uncomment next line to use this for all games override_artwork genhorizontal and vertical.ini # # CORE ARTWORK OPTIONS # fallback_artwork genvertical # Uncomment next line to use this for all games override_artwork genvertical you need the bezel files in the mame\artwork folder. and they do not get un-zipped. i use mameui64 0.211 i dont think any other mame 211 still use bezels as mame are working on the feature. but i need to use a png and a lay file setup for my bezels. this setup is true for any mame version 0.107 or newer. mame 0.106 of older use a png and an art file. if you only have the genvertical and genhorizont bezels in the artwork folder then you will always use those. if you have other bezels in there "the bezel zip folder name matches the rom names. then you will only use the generic ones for games you do not have a bezel for. Thats how you use them with MAME i dont use extra things like rocket launcher if i can do the things i want to do without something then i dont use it,
  3. disable joystick navigation for hyperspin in hyperhq. use joytokey with a profile for hyperhq to navigate.
  4. umm im not sure what you want to know... But il explain how i use pc games in hyperspin (i do not use rocket launcher) 1st you have to Make a fake exe, just make a text file and name it "some_name_you_decide.exe" "be sure that you can see file extensions for known file types. I named mine "pc games.exe" then you want to make a folder, and in that folder you want to put shortcuts to the apps/games you want to run. after that open hyperhq "wheel settings" (your wheel name) "i named mine pc games" "Emulator" "execution Hyperlauncher" PC Game "Enabled" Executable: "this is the fake exe you just made" Rom path "this is a folder full of shortcuts to the exe you want to run" (do not enter any params) Extensions "LNK" then you can exit hyperhq The ahk i use is: Runwait, %rompath%%romname%%romextension% ExitApp ;Required CloseProcess: WinKill, A return Make your xml database file from the contents of the shortcut folder you created earlier (this will populate the wheel with all the apps and games you added..) Any params you wanted to use add them to the shortcut.. as an example. the shortcut target may be "d:\hyperspin\pg games\game.exe" you would add the params to the end of that target, like: "d:\hyperspin\pg games\game.exe" -param1 -param2 The params do not go inside the " " You can run anything really like this. and will probably do what you want to do. I use winkill, A as the close process because it works for 90% of pc games... you could use send, !{f4} or run, %rompath%close.bat The last one would run a batfile named "close" in your shortcuts folder.. this bat file could have any simple code you wanted in it like "taskkill" like that you could also do CloseProcess: WinKill, A run, %rompath%close.bat return and the bat file could be.. taskkill /f /im app1.exe taskkill /f /im app2.exe taskkill /f /im app3.exe taskkill /f /im app4.exe If you did it like that. then you would close the active window 1st then it would also close app 1 2 3 and 4. this is useful if you have background apps that start with the main executable which would be your active window... It is also possible to just have shortcuts to bat files in your short cut folder. and you can use a bat file to open anything you like in any way you want.. Like i said im not sure what you were asking but i hope that helps. I think if you understand what i just explained then you should be able to do what you want.
  5. I dont use rocket launcher, but i found that Duck station works the best for a psx emulator in a cabinet.
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