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  1. I tried what you suggested, however the wires are not long enough to reach across the cabinet both ways for the vertical positions to hookup to the same xin mo controller. Are there longer wires that can be purchased?
  2. I have a four player cocktail arcade table. I plan on using a pc with 2 xin mo usb encoders for LED control panels. Heres the question (bearing in mind that this is my first cabinet, and the length of the wiring harnesses). Should I make the left two control panels feed off the first xin mo usb encoder and the right two control panels feed off the second xin mo usb encoder OR should I put the two ends (vertical seats) on one xin mo usb encoder and the two middle seats (horizontal seats) on the second xin mo? Sounds like a weird question, I know, but I didnt know if it would be easier to hook up one way or another, or if the wiring would be stretched too thin moving one way or another. Thanks for you input!
  3. Just a quick question to see if anyone has a good and easy resource to get cover artwork or nice artwork with game logo for MAME games? Additionally, does anybody have a resource for finding marquee's for games? I apologize if this is not the right area to post the question. Thanks!
  4. I have a 4-player cocktail table. One set of controls is at each end of the table, for 2 player vertical style games for a total of 2 sets of controls. The other two sets are in the middle of the cocktail table for two individuals to play horizontal and side scrolling games. It is what anyone would consider a normal 4-player cocktail table. However, think of the MAME version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or the Simpsons, or even X-Men. All are four player games, and usually have a format where you enter a coin at the player position you want to play (i.e. in the Simpsons, insert coin player one will be Marge, insert coin player two will be Homer, and so on). If I only have two sets of controls for horizontal style play, and say, for instance, the person sitting in player ones spot on the horizontal control wants to play Bart or Lisa (players 3 and 4), how can I setup controls to where player one can essentially play player 3 or 4 (I.E. instead of playing Marge while sitting at player one horizontal, playing Bart from that same position instead)? I am using 2 x Xin Mo USB Encoders, just FYI. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi, I was wanting to make a 3 way cocktail arcade machine in which the vertical oriented games flip appropriately for one or two players. In this video, this is exactly what I want. How do I accomplish this?
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